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'NHL 16' Release Date, Cover & Trailer: Gameplay First Look Here! 'EASHL' Beta, Chant Features & More

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Even before the official launch of the "NHL 16," players and fans of the game can already experience the new video game offering through it beta version.

TheHockeyWriters said NHL series creator EA Sports offered this limited beta for Xbox One and PS4 players who bought the NHL 15 last year.

"[With] A code given to players of both consoles via email, players have the opportunity to play the beta from July 30 up until August 7," added the same report.

According to MajorNelson, gamers can access the beta version by selecting the download the NHL 16 from the main menu of the game.

For those who have the NHL 15 on their Xbox 360, they may be able to access the beta version via "a limited distribution of beta access codes."

Last year's release was disappointing to gamers. It reportedly came without the EASHL game mode for the the Xbox One and PS4.

"Although EASHL in NHL 15 wasn't much different from what was on the previous year's game, gamers weren't thrilled to be without one of the most popular game modes in the NHL games," said TheHockeyWriters.

To make up for this, EA Sports is expected to improve on the EASHL for NHL 16. And if there would be comments about it during the beta phase, players are always welcome to give feedback.

TheHockeyWriters said that players can now customize and edit their players for the game. Features that can be edited includes tape colours and patterns, beard length, leg tape and skate guards among others.

Another great addition in the game, according to Attack of the Fanboy, is the "Yes" chant of WWE's Daniel Bryant.

It said that WWE announced the inclusion of the chant in the upcoming game specifically "the New York Islanders' official goal celebration and end-game salute."

Aside from being part of the NHL 16, Bryant's chant is also expected to be included in the WWE 2K16.

"It's an infectious chant as it's just one word and easy to follow. Many wrestling fans loved doing it when Daniel Bryan was still active in the ring. He's been out with an injury for quite some time now," explained Attack of the Fanboy.

Expected to arrive on Sept. 15 on the Xbox One and PS4, the NHL 16 promises players for a "better input."

"NHL 16 steps onto the ice to deliver ways to compete as a team, new features across the most played single-player modes, gameplay innovation at every position on the ice and an unrivalled game day atmosphere," read the game's description on its website.

For this year's cover, EA Sports said Stanley Cup champions Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks will grace the cover. This is reportedly the first time that two teammates were featured in the game's cover.

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