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NBA Trade Rumors 2014 Updates: Phoenix Suns To Trade Picks In Stacked 2014 NBA Draft Class For Superstar?

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The Phoenix Suns are having a surprising start this NBA season and with a playoff appearance in sight, the team is reportedly looking to trade for a superstar that could make an immediate impact this season.

NBA.com reported that the Suns have informed NBA teams that they are willing to trade their first-round picks in the stacked 2014 NBA Draft in exchange for a star that could improve their playoff chances this season.

The Suns, which currently hold a 14-9 record, are exceeding preseason expectations so far, which encouraged their top team officials to make some big moves before the deadline.

Acquiring a superstar will not only make the Suns a potential playoff squad, but it will also accelerate their rebuilding and help them become a fixture in the playoffs in the next few years.

The Suns could have as many as four first-round picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, including their own first-round selection. Aside from their own pick, the Suns could have the Indiana Pacers' pick if it falls outside of the top 14, as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves Top 13 pick, and the Washington Wizards' Top 12 pick.

The protected picks in the 2014 draft will roll over to 2015 if those picks fall within the stipulated protections. The Suns also have their own pick in 2015, along with a first-round top-five protected pick from the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I think one of the things that's important for people to realize is that we may not draft four players even if we have four picks. Our preference would probably be to maybe package a few of them," Suns general manager Ryan McDonough said. "We're obviously all looking for stars and we feel like we can put together a package as good, if not better, than any other team in the league if and when a star becomes available. That's kind of generally what we've wanted to do, not only with our draft-pick situation but also with the cap space that we've acquired."

Aside from the picks that they have, the Suns, who are expected to build their roster around emerging star Eric Bledsoe, could also make a big splash in the free agency market after the season thanks to their projected $20 million cap space.

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