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'Deadpool' Movie Trailers Release All Set! Spoilers, Cast & Premiere Date Here

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Two trailers of Ryan Reynold's "Deadpool" have finally been set for official release after shaky videos of a supposed exclusive showing at the July Comic-Conwere were leaked.

The trailers for the upcoming Marvel flick, both the red-band and green-band trailer, have been set to be released on August 4 and August 7, IGN Asia revealed on Saturday.

The explicit trailer is set to hit the TV screens during the Tuesday episode of the TBS show "Conan."

The family-friendly version would be first shown with the U.S. release of another Marvel film, the "Fantastic Four."

IGN reported that between the two trailers, the red-band version is most likely going to give a "more accurate picture" of the movie's plot as the makers of "Deadpool" are obviously making the most of their "R" rating.

"Our look at the time included plenty of profanity, blood, and at least one exploding head," the report described the red-band "Deadpool" sneak peek, which was dubbed "Trailer B."

During the San Diego Comic-Con, the special trailer revealed a couple of things the audience should expect from the film due in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Screen Rant summarized these plot twists, which include Wade Wilson's medical condition that leads to him entering an experimental procedure similar to the Weapon X program shown during Reynold's first appearance as the Merc with a Mouth in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Since the movie is expected to show so much explicit content that would not be suitable for young, innocent eyes and ears such as sex, violence and plenty of profanity, some wonder why the studio would even release a clean version of the trailer, dubbed "Trailer A."

The green-band trailer that lasts nearly two and a half minutes was rated PG by Alberta Film Ratings while the "Trailer B" was given a '14A' rating, which means that only audiences aged 14 and above are allowed to see it without adult supervision.

The "Green Lantern" actor promised to the panel at the San Diego Comic-Con that his latest attempt at portraying a superhero would be the "the most faithful adaptation of a comic book to a movie," according to an earlier report by Variety.

"For one I think it's an absolute miracle that a studio let us make 'Deadpool' let alone a Rated-R 'Deadpool,'" the actor explained, referring to the studio's willingness to produce such film.

Here is another look at the shaky videos revealed during the Comic-Con.

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