Updated 05:57 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 31, 2020

'Wonder Woman' Movie Casting 'Star Trek' Actor Chris Pine as Steve Trevor! Is He More Than a Love Interest?

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"Star Trek" star Chris Pine finally found a place in the DC Cinematic Universe as "Steve Trevor" alongside Gal Gadot, who plays the powerful Justice League heroine Wonder Woman.

Insider sources revealed to The Wrap that Pine has already closed the deal with Warner Bros. to play Trevor instead of joining the "Green Lantern Corps" as initially reported.

Cinema Blend earlier reported that the 34-year-old actor had been considering the role of Hal Jordan, more popularly known to DC fans as the Green Lantern, after being offered both that and the "Wonder Woman" male lead.

BirthMoviesDeath implied that Pine was leaning more towards the Green Lantern role, especially after rumors revealed that DC is planning to give the major Justice League member a reboot in a solo flick.

However, he apparently signed up to play a non-superhero role alongside a super-powerful and very beautiful woman in a film due in theaters on June 23, 2017.

According to a more recent report from Cinema Blend, Pine's role in "Wonder Woman" was "no mere love interest for Gadot's Diana Prince."

Apparently, the character would not just be a "dude in distress," according to iO9, because he would also participate in plenty of action-packed scenes in the "Wonder Woman" flick.

According to Cinema Blend, Wonder Woman finds the intelligence officer in a pitiful situation after his plane crashes on Paradise Island, also known as Diana's home island of Themyscira, during the World War II.

Seeing the man in bad shape, Diana Prince nurses him back to health and falls so in love with him that she decides to follow him back to his world.

Since Trevor becomes a major part of the upcoming solo film featuring the strongest woman in the DC Comic book world under the direction of Patty Jenkins, Cinema Blend notes that Pine may have received a "sweeter deal" as a love interest than a major superhero especially after DC included several pictures and possible sequels for the "Wonder Woman" role.

Aside from that, the solo "Green Lantern" film will not be released in theaters before 2020 and may not even see the light of day once the studio changes its mind especially after their initial attempt at introducing the Lantern via a film starring Ryan Reynolds had been no more than just a passing movie.

No confirmation from the actor or Warner Bros. has been released yet and Pine is currently busy filming is latest sci-fi flick "Star Trek: Beyond."

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