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WWE TLC 2013 PPV Spoilers and Results: Randy Orton Makes History in his Main Event Match Against John Cena

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Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango (w/ Summer Rae)
Ziggler faced Fandango in the TLC Kick-Off Show match - which was available via YouTube.com, WWE.com, the WWE App, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google+, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox, Sony PS3, Pinterest or Pheed prior to the start of the pay-per-view (PPV) - with Fandango starting off to a hot start before Ziggler took control of the match, nailing Fandango with a Famouser, almost getting the pinfall victory. Ziggler later attempted a Suplex off the rope only to have Summer Rae distract "The Show-Off" long enough for her dance-partner to regain the advantage and nailing a Flying Legdrop off the top rope for the win.
Winner: Fandango

3-on-1 Handicap Tag Team Match - CM Punk vs The Shield (US Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns)
The Shield was in control for most of the match, taking advantage of the "numbers game" they are used to playing, in their attempt to wear down CM Punk throughout the match. But one-by-one, Punk kept pecking away, outsmarting his opponents at every possible as he tried to even things up in the handicap. Reigns attempted a spear on Punk, while they battled outside the ring, and went flying over the announcers table, hurting himself pretty badly in the process. Punk, fighting against the odds, attempting an Anaconda Vise hold on Rollins and almost got the tap-out victory had it not been for Ambrose's interference. Punk regained his composure, reversing Ambrose's butterfly superplex and hitting him with a Flying Elbow off the top rope. Punk nailed Rollins with a GTS and attempted to put Ambrose out with the same manuever before Punk set him down, side-stepping a charging Reigns, who ended up spearing his own stablemate, allowing Punk to get the pin and the upset victory.
Winner: CM Punk

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee (w/ Tamina) vs Natalya (title match)
E! Total Diva cast-member Natalya has been on a roll lately, getting key victories over AJ in the weeks preceding TLC and earning a title shot at the TLC PPV. AJ and Natalya had an entertaining back and forth affair that saw Natalya power her way out of the champion's Black Widow submission hold on two occasions. Natalya managed to knock Tamina off the apron, who attempted to interfere in the match, and nailed AJ with a huge clotheslines before attempting to finish her with a Sharpshooter. AJ showed resiliency, grabbing Natalya by the hair, and rolling her up for the pin, retaining her Divas title.
Winner: AJ Lee

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow (title match)
Sandow attempted to wear the champion down hitting Langston with knees to the small of the back early in the match, in hopes of keeping the big man down. But Langston's power proved to be too much for Sandow, countering the challenger's moves at every turn before clobbering Sandow with a running splash and hitting him with the Big Ending to retain his title.
Winner: Big E Langston

Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match - WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Curtis Axel & Ryback vs The Real Americans - Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb Colter) (title match)
WWE Tag Team champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust were challenged by three different tag teams, two of which earned victories over the champions in the weeks leading up to TLC title defense. Ryback attempted to bully Goldust to start off the match, but ended up getting rolled up and pinned to become the first team eliminated. The Real Americans took over where Ryback had left off, working on Goldust - including Cesaro wearing Goldust down with the Cesaro Swing. Goldust eventually made the hot-tag to The Big Show, who nailed both Cesaro and Swagger with WMDs to eliminate the Real Americans from the match. The Rhodes brothers double-teamed the Big Show, hitting him with a double-suplex, before the big man tagged Mysterio into the match. Mysterio hit Rhodes with the 619 but could not get the pin, with Rhodes reversing a Mysterio attack into his Cross Rhodes finisher to retain the titles.
Winner: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Brodus Clay (w/ Tensai & The Funkadactyls) vs R-Truth (w/ Xavier Woods)
Clay fought with a mean-streak that he had not shown before, crotching R-Truth on the top rope and hitting him with a Heart Punch, and his Tons of Funk tag team partner, Tensai, had to step in at one point, preventing Clay from sending R-Truth into the steel steps. When Tensai got onto the apron trying to find out what was up with Clay's ruthless aggression, Clay replied, "I'm a main event player. I'm better than you," forcing Tensai and the Funkadactyls to turn their backs on Clay before the match ended. The distraction allowed R-Truth to recover and nail Clay with a Truth Detector and pinned Clay for the win.
Winner: R-Truth

No Disqualification Match - The Miz vs Kofi Kingston
In a match scheduled after The Miz and Kingston had an altercation during the TLC Kick-Off Show, the Miz and former Intercontinental champion faced off in a No Disqualification match. Kingston started off strong but The Miz took the match to the outside taking full advantage of the stipulations. Kingston attempted to hit The Miz with the Trouble in Paradise but ended up kicking the steel post, hurting his ankle. The Miz controlled the matched, tossing Kingston back into the ring, and removed the protective pad on the top turnbuckle to inflict further damage but Kingston recovered, shoving The Miz into the exposed turnbuckle and hitting him with the Trouble in Paradise to earn the win.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

3-on-1 Handicap Tag Team Match - Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Rowan, & Erick Harper)
Bryan attempted to start the match off as aggressively as possible right away but the strength of both Rowan and Harper proved to be too much for Bryan, who they pummelled at every turn. Wyatt was eventually tagged in, after watching his behemoths wear down the former WWE champion from his rocking chair at the start of the match, beating down unmercifully on Bryan, until he extended his hand to Bryan, yelling at him, "Take my hand and I make this all go away." Bryan defiantly kicked his hand away, before Wyatt tagged in Harper, who told him to finish the job, nailing Bryan with a Sit-out Power-bomb that almost won the Wyatts the match. The Wyatts continued their assault before Bryan fought back, taking the match to the outside, first taking out Harper tossing him over the announcers table and then tripping Rowan onto the steel steps. Left one-on-one with Wyatt, Bryan cinched his Yes! Lock on Wyatt, who muscled his way out the hold and hit Bryan with Sister Abigail to score the pin.
Winner: The Wyatts

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match - World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs WWE Champion Randy Orton (title unification match)
In the main event, with both the World Heavyweight and WWE Titles on the line, Cena and Orton faced off in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match to unify the iconic titles. Both champions used the weapons around them to their advantage, trying to weaken each other down to buy enough time to climb a ladder and grab the title belts. At one point in the match, Cena had the straps within his grasp only to have "The Viper" knock the ladder down. Cena landed on his feet but ate an RKO in the process. At yet another key point in the match, Cena hoisted Orton through the Spanish-announcing table with an Attitude Adjustment, giving Cena time to climb a ladder, yet again holing the titles in his hands, only to have Orton once again knock down the ladder from under Cena, leaving Cena hanging from the titles as "The Apex Predator" battered him with a chair to his ribs and back.

Cena recovered, putting Orton through another table, but "The Apex Predator" slithered his way out to look for something under the ring. Orton pulled out handcuffs, shackling the World Heavyweight Champion to the bottom rope, taunting Cena with the key before throwing it into the stands. Cena managed to unscrew the bottom rope off the turnbuckle, while Orton was not paying attention climbing the ladder. With the bottom rope in tow, Cena climbed the ladder and prevented Orton from getting to the titles, knocking off the ladder. Cena tried to reach for the belts with his one free arm while he was on the ladder but Orton recovered and used the bottom rope still handcuffed onto Cena's hands to toss him head-first into a table, allowing Orton to climb the ladder and win the unified titles, with The Authority - including Vince McMahon - celebrating with the new champion to end the show.
Winner and unified champion: Randy Orton

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