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'Dark Souls 3' Playable Ahead of Release Date? Gameplay, Features & Everything You Need to Know

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"Dark Souls 3" is said to be playable at the annual Gamescom trade fair in August.

The news, which comes from iFreePress, also said that the weapons incorporated in the game have been tweaked to showcase increased fluidity.

From Software, the game's developer, revealed that it will bring in a more methodical element in its combat aspects, a style that bears resemblance to PlayStation 4's "Bloodborne" series, GameSpot reported. The latest issue of Edge magazine also featured a walkthrough for the game revealing various tweaks, including "a new mechanic that should expand a player's moveset and add even more freedom to combat encounters," the news outlet added.

"Dark Souls 3," which takes place in an apocalyptic world, is expected to bring in a brand-new "ready stance" move, a function that gives players a substitute combat style when activated, GameSpot noted. Ready stance attacks will differ between weapons.

"The longsword, for example, gains a guard-breaking 'forward moving swipe,' while the greatsword is granted a 'charging upward slash' that flings enemies into the air," the news outlet explained.

Other notable upgrades in the game include a faster backstep, which is a favorite among "Bloodborne" gamers. There are options for swifter and more graceful attacks as well, GameSpot added. In addition, certain range weapons were revamped, including the shortbow which can now be drawn quicker, giving players a chance to diminish an enemy's health while keeping them at a safe distance.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of "Dark Souls 3" and the president of From Software, disclosed that the game is not the last in the series, and that it will serve as "a turning point," Eurogamer wrote. This is partly because Miyazaki thinks that constantly releasing new titles for the series is not a good idea.

Miyazaki worked as the co-director of "Dark Souls 3" alongside Isamu Okano, but the studio insists that Miyazaki is "taking lead on world-building and basic game feature direction, as well as visual design direction," while Ogano is "basically handling the mass production part, as well as the human resource control," Eurogamer added.

Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, said that the "Dark Souls" brand reached phenomenon status because of the company's collaboration with From Software, iFreePress reported.

Watch the trailer for "Dark Souls 3" below unveiled at the E3 2015 Microsoft Conference. The game will be released in 2016 in Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, GameSpot took note.

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