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'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Spoilers: Series Returns With 'The Black Queen,' AJ Cook Talks 200th Episode

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Unfortunately, new episodes of "Criminal Minds" will be delayed for the winter break.  Plus, there aren't many spoilers about episode 12 of season 9 in the CBS series which is set to return Jan. 15. 2014.

However, CBS did not leave us totally in the dark.  The new episode is called "The Black Queen" and according to the Hollywood Hills, it will feature new actress Jackie Joyner who will be coming on as character Rhonda.

It was also revealed that "Royal Pains" actor Paulo Costanzo will play Garcia's ex-boyfriend in the upcoming episode, which features a flashback to 2004. Garcia will also run into him in the modern day, notes Criminal Minds Roundtable.

In lieu of the 200th episode of "Criminal Minds," TV Line recently caught up with actress A.J. Cook who spilled info about her character Jennifer "J.J." Jareau and her relationship with Reid on the show.

According to Cook, episode 200 will be an "action-packed doozie... basically a mini action movie." Storyline-wise, she noted that "it's going to explain what JJ was up to when she went away during Season 6, it's going to explain this weird relationship she has with the new section chief (played by Esai Morales), and it will explain the things that have happened in her life that have made her perhaps a little bit tougher than she used to be."

As for the JJ and Reid, Cook said that as the (new) flashbacks are unfurled, viewers will see that "it's all connected" to the main characters. "JJ has a connection through that storyline with everyone, and the writers are brilliant in how they went back and connected all the dots."

The 200th episode is set to air on Feb. 5, 2014.

"Criminal Minds" will return from its winter hiatus on Wed., Jan 15 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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