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Apple iOS 9 Release Date & Download: Beta 4 Launching Next Week? New Features Here!

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Developers would already have the chance to test the fourth beta version of Apple's new iOS 9 in the same month as the release of Beta 3, geared with new and more powerful features.

According to App Advice, iOS 9's Beta 4 would most probably be made available to developers for testing in about a week or so which would serve as a follow up to the Beta 3 released on July 8.

The website based this forecast on historical releases of new Apple operating system's beta versions:particularly that of the iOS 8 Beta 4 that arrived 14 days following its preceding version, and the iOS 7 Beta 4 that was launched exactly 21 days after the previous version was made available.

The new iOS, which was recently introduced during the keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in June, is expected to provide new features for Apple users particularly task simplifiers and advanced apps, as well as overall improvements to the software.

According to Time, the new iOS would include a more intelligent Siri which had been introduced to the world of techno-geeks in 2011.

The report revealed that the enhanced virtual assistant is more intelligent and "self-aware" feature that serves as the brain of the smartphone.

In fact, Siri has been designed to be capable of reminding the user of emails, text messages, websites, and many others as long as she was commanded to provide reminders.

Siri would also be able to provide users with easier browsing of Apple-stored digital information such as music of photos.

However, there would still be "user errors" with these commands particularly because Siri is not yet given full artificial intelligence like what you may see in sci-fi films.

The new iOS 9 would also feature keyboard improvements and multi-tasking modes that Time deem as useful enhancements to the software.

Aside from the "elementary change" of the keypad letters which have always been in lowercase, iPads running in iOS 9 would also get a unique keystroke that makes the letters fade away when the keyboard is tapped using two fingers.

This feature is particularly useful when selecting certain words of phrases from the text which has been made easier without the use of the old school tiny in-line controls.

With the iOS 9, Apple device users would also be able to multitask more freely and run more apps simultaneously through the Slide Over and the Picture-in-Picture modes.

The former is an iOS 9 feature that displays the secondary app along a drawer located on the righthand side while the latter is described as it is named.

The new OS also has a Split View feature that allows two apps to be run and viewed side-by-side. However, this feature would only be available for the iPad Air 2.

Other features are also only available for hardware no older than iPad Air.

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