Updated 03:28 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

Kyle Busch Claims 3rd Win of the Season at New Hampshire

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American racer Kyle Busch claimed his third win for the season during Sunday's race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Yahoo Sports said that Busch outperformed race leaders, Kevin Harvick, Brad Keselowski and other racers, who mainly complained of oil on the track.

Most of the calls were not responded to as Busch continued his lead on the race with him driving past Harvick during the competition. USA Today added that the winner overtook Harvick and Keselowski before a caution on Lap 250 and 301.

"This is such an awesome win, such an awesome comeback. Man, it's so much fun to win these races. This Camry was awesome today. This is a crazy sport, and you never know how this is going to turn out," Busch said in the same report.

Keselowski bagged the second spot after he led for 100 laps and was then followed by Harvick.

"Five laps, I just drove as hard as I could off pit road. I knew I needed to get those guys... I figured it was [Harvick] still, and it was and [Harvick] and [Keselowski] were really the class of the field I felt like today. Our car was a close third but ... on the long runs our front end would die and just couldn't turn," Busch explained in the Yahoo Sports report.

The win came as a surprise to the racer as he noted that it was a great thing to expect on his return from an injury.

"This is something I'm not sure we ever would have expected," Busch told ESPN.

A day before the season-opening of Daytona 500, Busch broke his right leg and left foot causing him to miss the first 11 races of the season and was only able to return last May.

He also won at the Sonoma Raceway and at the Kentucky Speedway last week but noted that they have not yet "unleashed the beast at all."

For Keselowski, he claimed that he wanted to earn a break but was not lucky enough to get one. "I was just hoping to catch a break and didn't catch one," he said in a Fox Sports report.

Meanwhile, Harvick said that they used the right strategy, but noted that they committed a mistake on the last pit stop.

"We just had a little miscue on the last pit stop, but those guys (his crew) have done great all year. They did great all day. It just took me a little longer to get around a couple of those cars and lost the track position," Harvick explained.

After winning, US News said Busch held the Loudon lobster trophy in Victory Lane beside his wife and their son Brexton.

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