Updated 12:57 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels Drops F-Bomb After Emmy Snub: 'F**k These Motherf***ers!'

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When you're in show business, one of your biggest dreams would be getting your own Emmy Award. For "Empire" creator Lee Daniels, being snubbed was more than he can take - gracefully, that is.

The Oscar-nominated director and producer expressed his anger in a video posted on Instagram, where he seethed about his hip-hop soap being snubbed by the Emmy Awards. He'd thought he will get a nomination for best drama.

In the video, Daniels snapped, "F--k these motherf---ers!" his arms around his pal, "Empire" actor Justin Smollett. He also added a few hashtags, including #canfinallypostthis, #timetoberealagain, and  #emmyniceguyoverwith.

His remarks were posted after he congratulated Taraji P Henson on Twitter and Instagram for her Best Actress nomination. On the show, she plays the troublemaking ex-wife of Terrence Howard's character, Lucious Lyon.

The New York Daily News reported that although Howard was snubbed for a best actor nomination as well, he didn't go around dropping f-bombs about it, unlike Daniels's explicit remarks.

Later reports from Deadline said that Daniels posted another video on his Instagram, where he said that his F-bomb drop and sore loser act was all a joke: he was just having fun.

He insisted that he "loves the Emmys," and had only good wishes for the nominees.

While he "loves" the Emmys, he had less of it to give his haters.

Daniels said, "some of these people ain't got nothing else better to do but to hit on me for having fun."

He also told them to shut up. As if that wasn't enough, he also hashtagged the video, #shutuphaters, followed by lighter tags, #emmypower and #congratstoall.

Although "Empire" did not get a Best Drama nod, The Hollywood Reporter said that the phenomenal series already earned three nominations in total in its freshman year, which is an achievement in its own.

Daniels is also familiar with the ups and downs of the awards season. As Vanity Fair reported, he broke out with a best director and best picture for "Precious", and later on had a tough time with the critically acclaimed series "The Butler" in 2013.

Even though "Empire" didn't get an Emmy nod despite being the biggest network drama in years, its breakout performance proved that network shows are not dead, ensuring the series of a renewal, which is what they are doing right now. "Empire" is currently filming its second season in Chicago, and will be back on Fox on September 23, at 9PM.

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