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Magic Leap Augmented Reality Video & News Updates: Workforce Headed to Motorola Facility

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Technology company Magic Leap is reportedly combining its South Florida workforce into a former Motorola facility in Plantation.

Andy Fouché, head of public relations and government affairs for Magic Leap, said that the company will take up the facility at 8000 W. Sunrise Blvd., Miami Herald reported. Broward County property records indicate that Motorola's former facility is 339,813 square feet in size, and was purchased by a private investment group for $38 million in 2013.

Magic Leap, which was spearheaded by Mako Surgical co-founder Rony Abovitz, is developing an innovative "mixed reality" computing platform that will allow people "to interact with the world in ways never before possible," Miami Herald noted. The corporation has offices in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and Mountain View, all in California, Seattle, Austin, Texas, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, with headquarters located at DCOTA in Dania Beach.

According to Tech Crunch, Magic Leap has stayed under the radar for years. Almost no one knew of the company's existence until Google and other major firms invested $542 million in it in October 2014. In May, Magic Leap unveiled a video featuring how augmented reality lets users play a first-person shooter game in the comfort of his/her own real office.

In last month's MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital conference held in San Francisco, Abovitz said Magic Leap will build a 300,000-square-foot pilot manufacturing facility in Florida for its "photonic lightfield chip," Miami Herald wrote. The chip functions by having its augmented reality headset shoot light directly into the user's eyes, instead of projecting a screen in front of it, Tech Crunch explained.

Abovitz revealed that their team is already "out of the R&D phase and into the transition to real product introduction," Tech Crunch reported. When asked why the company needs to build its very own manufacturing facility, the exec said that "there is no off the shelf stuff that does what we're describing," the news outlet noted.

More than a hundred job opportunities were listed on Magic Leap's official website recently. Job vacancies include optical, software and computer vision systems engineers, machine learning positions, visual designers, art directors, and cinematic producers.

Rachel Metz, who tried an early prototype of Magic Leap's tech, explained how the device works in an article published in the MIT Technology Review. As quoted by Miami Herald, she wrote: "It's safe to say Magic Leap has a tiny projector that shines light onto a transparent lens, which deflects the light onto the retina."

Metz continued, "That pattern of light blends in so well with the light you're receiving from the real world that to your visual cortex, artificial objects are nearly indistinguishable from actual objects."

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