Updated 06:10 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

Zoe Saldana Reveals How Sexist Hollywood Film Producer Hired Her

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Zoe Saldana is one of the actresses who have no qualms when it comes to revealing Hollywood's sexism.

While promoting her new movie, "Infinitely Polar Bear," Saldana recalled about an offensive film producer who signed her up in a role for the way she held two guns in the 2011 action film, "Colombiana," Entertainment Tonight wrote.

"A producer once told me he hired me for the way I held a gun while wearing panties, not for my opinions. I wish I'd recorded it, so I could play it for every girl in elementary school and tell them never to let anybody treat them that way," the 37-year-old actress recounted, as quoted by E! News.

In June, Saldana also said in an interview with USA Today about how her pregnancy affected her career. The 37-year-old actress, who is married to Marco Perego, gave birth to twin boys named Cy and Bowie last December.

"Let me tell you something, it will never be the right time for anybody in your life that you get pregnant," Saldana told USA Today, saying how the projects she was set to work in "sort of had a panic" and considered writing her off.

She continued, "I was like, 'Oh, my God, are you kidding me? It's this bad?' Right when I just feel super-duper happy, is that inconvenient for you? That me, as a woman in my thirties, I finally am in love and I am finally starting my life? And it's (screwing) your schedule up? Really?"

According to Saldana, production studios "spend more money sometimes 'perking' up male superstars in a movie," and paying for the actors' lavish expenses, the news outlet added.

"But then a woman comes in going, 'OK, I have a child. You're taking me away from my home. You're taking my children away from their home. And you're going to make me work a lot more hours than I usually would if I was home. Therefore, I would have to pay for this nanny for more hours -- so I kind of need that. And they go, 'Nope, we don't pay for nannies'," Saldana explained to USA Today.

E! News noted that the movie star didn't name the production labels, nor was she written out of the projects.

Saldana's film commitments are sure to keep the actress busy. She will reprise her role as Nyota Uhura in a third Star Trek movie, as Gamora in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" follow-up, and as Neytiri in James Cameron's three "Avatar sequels, the news outlet listed. Saldana also has a role in Ben Affleck's Prohibition-era drama titled "Live by Night."

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