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Ryan Reynolds Describes Working With 'Self/Less' Co-Star Natalie Martinez

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Natalie Martinez got praises from her "Self/Less" co-star Ryan Reynolds.

"She is one of those actors that can just bring it without a lot of moody walking around with her head down," Reynolds said in a recent interview, as quoted by Latina. "She is light and sunshine on set but then the second she has to bring the drama she does, she's brilliant in the movie."

Focus Features' "Self/Less" centers on a billionaire industrialist, Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley), dying of cancer, Bustle wrote. To continue living, he undergoes a medical procedure that will enable him to transfer his consciousness to a healthy body. Things start to go awry when Damian, now called Edward (Reynolds), starts being plagued by ominous images, prompting him to go on a mission to know where his new body originated from.

Martinez, 30, said that her role in the film wasn't a walk in the park.

"It was challenging. I put myself in her shoes, thinking that her husband is dead and all of a sudden, he's there in her living room," Martinez told Latin Times. "What do you do with that situation? I want to run and hug him, but at the same time it's weird. It was definitely challenging, it was a roller coaster of emotions to play."

Just like her co-star, the Cuban actress also had good words when it comes to working alongside Reynolds. According to Martinez, the 38-year-old "Deadpool" lead star made everything "kind of easy," Bustle reported.

"I've never experienced those Hollywood drama-diva, crazy people on the set. I've never experienced someone who's like throwing a fit or made it worse or harder for another actor. I've kind of fortunate. He was really funny and great in every scene and nice. It was cool," Martinez explained, as reported by the news outlet.

Reynolds said in an interview with Fox News that what he liked about "Self/Less" is it begins in a sci-fi premise "and then quickly evolves into this action-thriller aspect," delivering "the best of both of those worlds."

The Canadian actor also remarked that the movie is an interesting approach on the wealthy and powerful people's ability to buy their "way out of anything, including death," Time reported.

He continued, "I think science fiction is great when it tackles things that we deal with. I also loved the idea of hubris, and this movie brought that to the forefront."

"Self/Less" premieres in theaters on July 10, Bustle noted. Also starring in the Tarsem Singh film are Matthew Goode and Michelle Dockery. Watch the trailer below.

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