Updated 06:17 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Apple Stores Now Offer Siri-Controlled Thermostats! Price, Operation & More Details Here

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Siri-controlled thermostats can now be purchased from Apple stores in North America after it became available Tuesday.

The Ecobee3 smart thermostat is the first-ever technology compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology as according to CNET.

This enables users to use their Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to remotely control and monitor the device using Apple's Siri Voice assist.

"These are part of Apple's Connected Home initiative, which aims to automate your control over your home devices and appliances. Instead of getting up to turn on the lights, start the oven or regulate the temperature, you simply control connected devices through your mobile phone or tablet, mostly easily by issuing your commands through Siri," explained CNET.

This innovation, however, is still on its initial phase, with device makers still needing to support HomeKit. It also came during a time when Apple is faced with tough competition from retailers like Amazon, which has introduced its Echo smart speaker. This device also allows users to control their appliances at home by only using speaking commands.

The Ecobee website described its product as something that "uses remote sensors to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most."

"We're excited for Apple customers to get their hands on the first smart thermostat that supports HomeKit. The new ecobee3 plays an integral role in the connected and energy-efficient home by allowing users to remotely control temperature in the rooms that matter most with simple commands using Siri," said Ecobee president and CEO Stuart Lombard.

The new technology is also reportedly designed for homes with more than one room. Its Wi-Fi thermostat and remote sensors can measure temperature and make one's stay at home more comfortable and energy saving.

According to TechnoBuffalo, this new product is perfect for people who are too lazy to control the temperature inside their homes. With this device, voice commands are the only thing you need to be lower or boost the temperature to get the most fit environment for you.

The product's website said that the Ecobee3 is priced at $249 and could be purchased in all Apple Stores in North America. The kit comes with a free wireless remote sensor which supports about 32 sensors. Other remote sensors can also be bought for $79 in packages of two.

"The Ecobee3 is designed to be compatible with 95 percent of residential heating and cooling systems in North America and does not require a C-wire when using the included Power Extender Kit," added the product description of the device.

Its creator, Ecobee Inc., assured potential buyers that their company has been producing Wi-Fi connected smart thermostats since 2009 and that they have catered to thousands of customers who wanted to control their homes with a single voice instruction.

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