Updated 04:43 PM EST, Sun, Jan 23, 2022

iOS 9 Release Date, Public Beta & Features: Top 5 Tips to Optimize New OS Experience

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Apple's iOS 9 is full of enhancements and multitasking features perfect for those users aiming to be productive.

The tech giant's official site wrote that the latest version of the operating system boasts of a longer battery life, improved security, better functions for Siri, and a faster and more responsive system taking full advantage of Metal.

Aside from these, the new OS update also offers the QuickType feature, Split View, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and Slide Over as tools for multitasking, Apple's website listed.

As per Redmond Pie, Apple announced that a public beta for the iOS 9 will roll out this month. For those interested in testing out the public iOS 9 beta, click here for the full details. Prior to installing the public beta, make sure that files are backed up on iTunes or iCloud.

That being said, we compiled tips on how to optimize the iOS 9's features. Read on below.

1. ValueWalk wrote that Apple's new OS will provide users an improved battery life. Users are encouraged to activate the new "low power mode" if they require extra hours from a single charge.

The new mode can be set off when the battery reaches 20%, or manually at whichever time, ValueWalk noted. To make the battery last longer, functions such as push email fetching and automatic downloads are disabled. Performance of the device, however, will be affected a bit.

According to the news outlet, the power settings menu also shows "a list of which apps are using the most power, and can choose to close or remove power-hungry apps to improve battery life."

2. Proactive is a system-wide feature that allows iOS devices to provide recommendations based on the users' habits, whether it's about place, time of day, and activity, Know Your Mobile reported.

3. The iOS 9 is also equipped with multitasking features, such as the Split Screen and PIP for the iPad. Split Screen works by swiping left from the side of your screen to pull up a SlideOver window, the news outlet noted.

The PIP, meanwhile, can be utilized on the iPad by minimizing a window playing a video when you open another app, Know Your Mobile added. Users can move the PIP around the screen and even adjust its window size.

4.  Notes and Android Migration are also available on the iOS 9. The brand-new Notes app allows users to include images and smart links in rich text notes, while the new Android Migration app makes it easy for Android users to switch to iPhone, the news outlet wrote.

5. Those who are regular readers of the latest news will also like iOS 9's News app capable of creating a custom magazine based on the user's interests with content coming from major providers, Know Your Mobile reported.

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