Updated 09:30 AM EST, Fri, Jan 21, 2022

iPad Air 3 Release Date in November? Full Quad-Core Chipset Expected in iOS 9 Device! Price & Specs Here [Rumors]

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Speculations about the iPad Air 3 continue to go around; among these are an estimated release date and an upgraded processor.

Listed below are the latest rumors about the iPad Air 3. Note that these are all unconfirmed at the moment and Apple is yet to issue an official announcement.

Processor, Battery, & OS

Expert Reviews claimed that the iPad Air 3 will run using a full-Quad core CPU for a more powerful performance. The iPad Air 2 was powered by a three-core A8X processor, which is a modified version of the A8 also utilized in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The tablet will also come with a 64-bit iOS 9, Expert Reviews noted. The operating system will feature Slide Over and Split View, as well as Picture in Picture mode which will allow users to play a video in the corner of the screen while performing other tasks.

As for its battery, Apple currently uses a new technology in its new MacBook wherein slices of battery are layered on top of each other in a spread out manner in order to take advantage of the curved edges of the tablet's chassis. There's a huge possibility that this tech will be incorporated in the iPad Air 3 as well, the news outlet added.

Memory Storage & Other Features

According to Day Herald, the iPad Air 3 is expected to ship at a 32 GB memory space and the USB Type-C connector from MacBook. However, Apple seems to not be in a hurry to switch from the Lightning connector just yet.

Expert Reviews wrote that the iPad Air 3 could have the Force Touch feature and Taptic Engine technologies. With this, the device is capable of detecting which task the user is trying to perform by how hard the screen is being pressed.

IT Pro also wrote that the tablet will be thinner than its predecessor, at 9.7 inches and 9.7 mm thick.

Release Date & Price

Following Apple's timeline when it comes to releasing their products, Expert Reviews speculated that the iPad Air 3 will be released in October or November. This launch period coincides with the holiday season, where consumers are more likely buying gifts for families and friends.

Day Herald estimated that the tablet will be priced around $623. There's a huge chance that the iPad Air 2 will have a $125 price cut when its successor rolls out. The same also happened with the older iPad when the iPad Air 2 was released.

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