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NBA Free Agency 2015: Kevin Love Remains With Cavs, Paul Pierce Goes to Clippers

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As expected, the first day of the NBA free agency period was one of the busiest in history for players and teams and many eye-popping deals were signed one after the other.

Some went on a different direction while some opted for the comforts of their home. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who managed to reach the NBA Finals during the recently concluded 2014-2015 NBA season, managed to secure their core by re-signing All-Star forward Kevin Love to a five year, $110 Million contract as per ESPN's Brian Wndhorst.

This was a no-brainer for the Cavaliers as this solidifies their chances to take it all next season. It is worth noting that Love got injured during their first round match-up with the Boston Celtics when Kelly Olynyk pulled his right arm during a loose ball which resulted to an injured shoulder.

With a returning Kyrie Irving, there is no way to go but up for the depending Eastern Conference champions. Also, the Cavs secured another key player in their line-up in Tristan Thompson as he just signed a five year, $80 million deal as per Pro Basketball Talk. This secures their depth in the power forward position for the years to come.

Meanwhile, the Washington Wizards lose a key figure in their locker room as veteran forward Paul Pierce has decided to reunite with his former coach Doc Rivers in Los Angeles. According to Yahoo Sports, the Clippers were able to sign the future Hall of Famer to a three year, $10 million deal and he is expected to fill the void the Clippers have been missing in the wing position.

Now, the Clippers can focus their full attention on re-signing athletic center DeAndre Jordan. Right now, the 27 year old big man is mulling offers from the Dallas Mavericks and the Clippers. In a report by Los Angeles Times, the Clippers are hoping that the signing of Pierce will convince Jordan that there is no other place to consider but home.

Meanwhile, here are other free agents who will be suiting up for new teams next season. Former Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe has just signed a three year, $50 million deal with the Milwaukee Bucks per ESPN. Also, former Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Monta Ellis signed a four year, $44 million deal with the Indiana Pacers per ESPN. Lastly, Dallas suffers another blow as center Tyson Chandler has elected to go with the Phoenix Suns for a four year, $52 million deal per Marc Stein of ESPN.

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