Updated 02:06 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 26, 2021

Brazil Players Hope Dream Copa America Match vs Argentina Will Happen This Year

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Brazil and Argentina's historic rivalry still proves to be a steering force in the conversations surrounding this year's Copa America.

Argentina is home to Lionel Messi, touted by many as the best active football player in the world, including the Colombian national team coach, Jose Pekerman, in an article in Goal.

Although considered the best, critics say his achievements are paled by his lack of trophies won outside his professional career. Messi still hasn't won a cup as a player of his national team. Brazil, on the other hand, is still regaining their perennially dominant stance in football after Germany destroyed them 7x1 in last year's World Cup hosted in their country.

The journey to redemption has not been easy for Brazil's famed Selecao, even if a bright light seemed to shine over them in the early days of Copa America. Due to a series of fouls, their captain and star player, Neymar, was handed two red cards in the final match of the first round. Although they proceed to the next round, they face a big hurdle as Neymar gets a four-match suspension, rendering him absent for the rest of Copa America even if they reach the final.

Willian says with or without Neymar, they are still trying to play their best football. Undermanned Brazil needs to overcome their next opponent, Paraguay, to get to the next round and make the Brazil-Argentina dream match a possibility.

"Undoubtedly, it is always great to play for Brazil against Argentina and if it happens it will be really cool," Brazilian forward Willian said in an interview published by the Special Broadcasting Service. He said that everyone dreams of playing with Argentina.

"[Messi] is a player of great quality who has managed to be crowned the best player in the world four times," said Willian. "I like to watch him play, of course. He is someone who, when Argentina play, he has many people stop to see him at work."

Both teams will decide their fates in the next 48 hours as they face their second round of opponents. Brazil will face Paraguay and Argentina will be head to head against Colombia. If both teams advance, they will face each other at the semi-final of the Copa America.

The Copa America is the main international football tournament of national teams in South America. This year's host, Chile, and Peru have moved on to the semi-final and will wait for the results of the remaining matches to complete the semi-final round of the 44th Copa America.

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