Updated 03:59 PM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Former Raiders DT Warren Sapp Charged With Domestic Violence for Allegedly Biting & Stomping on GF's Head

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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders player Warren Sapp was reportedly taken into police custody for domestic violence charges after he allegedly bit his girlfriend's finger and stepped on her head.

An initial TMZ report noted that the football Hall of Famer has been charged with three counts of domestic violence for the incident involving his girlfriend Chalyce Moore at the M Resort in Las Vegas on April 28.

Police reports obtained by TMZ revealed that the former NFL star and Moore were arguing when Sapp allegedly threw his margarita drink to the face of Moore then grabbed her by the arm, pulling her to the ground.

After leaving the resort in a car headed toward's Moore's condo, the two continued their quarrel on the way, with Sapp biting his girlfriend's middle finger during their argument. The violence did not stop there as TMZ detailed that when the two arrived at the condo Sapp allegedly threw a belt at Moore then stepped on her face while she was slumped on the floor. It is just unimaginable how a man weighing 300 lbs could put force in a female's face.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) footages from the resort confirmed the incident as per TMZ. Moore's friend also told the police that the victim had multiple injuries - a bruise on her lower lip, abrasions and bruises on her shoulders and bruising on her legs. She also reportedly had a bruise on her temple which had a checkerboard imprint, this is presumed to be Sapp's Jordan sandals.

Aside from these bruises, Moore also claimed in her testimony to the police that she manifested concussion symptoms after the incident, like stiff neck, headache and vomiting.

This is the second time Sapp got arrested this year, according to Yahoo Sports. The first one was last February when he was charged for soliciting a prostitute which caused him his job at the NFL Network.

Yahoo Sports, in a separate report, said that Sapp previously faced one count of misdemeanor charge and two counts of assault when one of the escorts inside a Phoenix Hotel claimed that the former NFL player hurt her after a companion had an argument with him inside one of the guest rooms.

A police report cited on the incident also explained that Sapp engaged in "an act of prostitution" with one of the escorts, but he vehemently denied that he assaulted any of them.

Hours after news of his arrest broke, the NFL Network announced that they were already firing Sapp. The Los Angeles Times reported that the network's vice president of communications, Alex Riethmiller, confirmed the termination of Sapp's contract with the network.

After that incident, Yahoo Sports said Sapp reached a plea deal for the case which required him to complete two classes prior to the dropping of the cases.

But it seems now that trouble is not over for Sapp because of this new case he is facing.

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