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iPad Air 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Release Date, Specs, Features & Price Roundup [Rumors]

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Apple is expected to release the newest addition to their line of light iPads versus Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 set to be introduced before the year ends, in time for the Christmas gift-giving rush.

Tablets are becoming more popular than traditional personal computers by the minute with top mobile companies like Apple and Samsung getting worked up in providing better tabs to get the bigger chunk of the mobile gadgets market.

In fact, several rumors about both devices seem to flood the information superhighway ranging from the exact release date to the biggest innovations the mobile companies would be introducing.

New iPad Release Date, Features and Price

iPad Air's new sibling which would be named either iPad Air 3 or iPad 7, says Mac World UK, is expected to be released by October, the same way the iPad Air 2 was released on October 16, 2014.

At this time, the new iPad is also seen to sport the recently released iOS 9, a full quad-core chipset, and a 64-bit hardware similar to its predecessor, the iPad Air 3.

"With Apple recently updating its hardware to 64-bit and doubling the RAM to 2GB, we don't see a need for either of these to change," Expert Reviews UK explained, adding that there is a big possibility that the tablet would also have a 3GB memory to match all these updates.

Tech writer Seth Barton of Expert Reviews UK also believes that though many would expect an upgrade in the screen resolution, he strongly doubts it due to the developers' taxing task of updating the resolution of their applications and frame rates of Apple games to match it.

He also believes that doing an upgrade on the screen resolution would have negative effects on the battery life especially since its predecessor had been forced to decrease its battery capacity to make way for iPad Air 2's slim design.

Based on tradition, Apple would be launching its newest tablet at the standard rate of £399, or more than US$625 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, and £479 or US$751 for the 64GB unit.

Galaxy Tab S2 Release Date and Features

Samsung, one of Apple's biggest competitors, is also expected to introduce a new tablet to match Apple's upcoming new iPad.

According to Master Herald, rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be released by the fourth quarter of the year, before the Yuletide season.

It is set to run at a 1536×2048 resolution at 4:3 aspect ratio which is fully capable in running more advanced features including an 8-megapixel rear snapper with a 2MP front camera.

The newest tablet from the Korean mobile company is also rumored to include a 1.9 GHz and a 3 GB-worth of random access memory (RAM) to be able to support its multimedia features.

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