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Get 'PlanetSide 2' PS4 Shooting Game for Free! Gameplay, Features, Trailer & How to Download

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PlayStation yet again redefined limits in virtual warfare after it released Daybreak Game Company's "PlanetSide 2" and made it available for gamers in the PlayStation Store, absolutely free!

On June 23, virtual warfare fans and avid PlayStation gamers in the United Kingdom and North America would be able to download and enjoy the first-person shooting game without the need of buying it after an unbearably long wait, Gaming Bolt reported.

According to the gaming website, "PlanetSide 2" was originally scheduled for release alongside the PS4 gaming console back in November 2013 but delays seemed to impede its launching.

BGR noted that though the game is the not very first free-to-play release in the PlayStation Store, it most certainly has the biggest scope, covering an area of 64 square kilometers.

Not only that, this game also holds the record for the largest FPS battle ever after gaining the crown for the Guinness World Record's for Most Players Online in a First-Person Shooter Battle for recording a staggering 1158 gamers of its PC version.

Aside from being able to download the game for free, BGR explained that it does not require users to have a PlayStation Plus subscription which can cost from £11.99, or about US$ 18.89 for one month to £79.99, or over US$126 for 12 months.

Of course, subscribing has its perks, such as "microtransactions" that allow leveling up a bit faster. There is also an option to pay for $14.99 a month and acquire a monthly Battle Cash grant, cert, resource gains, increased experience, exclusive marketplace discounts and promotions, as well as being a priority during log-in queues.

According to Softonic.com, a site which also provides a link to the free download of the game, "PlanetSide 2" revolves around the balance of powers that shift between three factions at war in persistent worlds.

Using massive arsenal, battle gears and fighting vehicles, the game is set to showcase humongous land and air forces battling in an attractive alien planet.

"The drama and experiences that are possible with a game on this scale sound excellent. Planetside 2 looks good, with beautiful alien landscapes and impressively large structures," Softonic's Ron Riggall explained, adding that though it cannot be considered equally as awesome as "Warface," it is definitely "polished enough" to be a game to look forward to.

The game requires at least 10.7 GB space in the hard disk upon installing and even more because of the regular updates that may come.

Here is a sneak peak of what you should expect when playing PlanetSide 2.

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