Updated 08:33 PM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

Future iPhones Ditching Home Button? Why Apple Could Opt For Major Redesign [Report]

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Apple is preparing for a major iPhone redesigning not earlier than 2017 that would put the iconic Home button part of history.

An Apple Insider source leaked the information on Monday, noting that the iPhone-maker is bent on changing the future hardware design of the device into a button-less one.

While two years is enough time for the iPhone manufacturers to change their minds and divert all effort of redesigning to another path, the Apple Insider source believes that the change would be pursued because of the advantages of removing the Home button.

"But it's easy to see why Apple would be pursuing a button-less bezel, as ditching the iPhone home button could allow for smaller and lighter handsets with an even more simple aesthetic," the report explained.

This is in the wake of an earlier report from BGR that states how the mobile manufacturing company had planned on implementing this radical hardware design change on the upcoming iPhone 7 rumored to be released before the year ends.

Here's what MasterPiece iPhone believes that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone C would look like:

As proof of this effort, the DigiTimes revealed how Taiwan chipmakers leaked information on touch and display driver integration (TDDI) being developed inside Apple as the single-chip solution for their popular iPhones.

DigiTimes noted that this new technology would be able to integrate even the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the Home button of the latest iPhones released that made removing the bulky button even more difficult to remove from user's favorite features.

Also, Apple has allegedly finalized a CPU compatible to this chipset and that the company has made several patents describing how the company intends to accomplish the integration of fingerprint recognition to the touch screen, the source from Apple Insider revealed, citing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office application, entitled "Fingerprint Sensor in an Electronic Device."

Critics have eyed the seemingly-indispensible Home button in iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches because the company has stubbornly kept it incorporated in their devices even if it is a "waste of space," which could have been used for better purposes like expanding the phone's display.

Removing the Home button may also allow iPhones to be lighter and smaller than what users are used to, giving it a simpler aesthetic and a chance to becoming a more convenient handset similar to what happened with Microsoft Windows users when the company decided to remove the Start menu.

However, Apple has yet to comment on this leaked information and has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about removing the Home button.

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