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LG G4 Pro to Pack Even-Better Camera? 2015 Release Date, Specs, Features & Price Details [Rumors]

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Rumors surfaced about the release of a pro version of LG's recently launched LG G4 which allegedly would surpass even its predecessor in terms of new features, particularly its snapper.

According to ValueWalk.com, the Korean company is considering releasing the LG G4 Pro soon after the LG G4, which was unveiled and made available to the market earlier this year.

The report claimed that the new G4 phone would bear even more impressive features than that of its predecessor, which is already armed with amazing specs like a 16-megapixel camera that can take photos in as short as 0.276 seconds and launches as fast as 0.6 seconds.

The LG G4 is also popular for its Laser autofocus, color spectrum sensor and a three-axis image stabilization feature that helps capture more appealing and life-like pictures, says CNN Money.

That's not all. The LG G4 camera also boasts an impressive aperture of ƒ/1.8 which, compared to the average smartphone aperture of ƒ/2.4, captures clearer photos.

For those who are not aware, lower aperture is better since it allows more light to enter the camera's lens. In fact, the Korean company even showed off some low-light photos showing just how amazing the LG G4's camera is, emphasizing that it produces 49 percent brighter photos than other smartphones.

The LG G4 also breaks the traditional limited control provided in cameras of other smart devices which only allows the user to adjust focus and flash.

"The G4 gives you full control over the camera, as if you were using a digital SLR. Shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity and white balance are all adjustable, allowing you to take professional-grade photos (if you know what you're doing)," CNN Money's David Goldman wrote, adding that this feature is perfect even for professional photographers who are used to the freedom provided to them by DSLR cameras.

But believe it or not, this is not the very best LG has to offer in the photo-capturing feature. Rumors cited by Value Walk indicate that from the already-impressive 16-megapixel snapper, the G4 would be upgraded into a staggering 27-megapixel rear camera.

Of course, it would still maintain its user's full control and the low aperture which was originally shown in its predecessor.

Aside from that, the report also revealed that photos taken using the G4 Pro's snapper would have an even better quality that "really makes jaws drop" by including a dual-camera setup in the rear like that of HTC Corp.'s One M8.

Meanwhile, here's a guide on how to use the LG G4's manual camera option.

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