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iPhone 7 Release Date Matching Samsung Galaxy S7? How New Apple Smartphone Could Be Different [Specs, Features & Price Rumors]

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Apple is rumored to release the iPhone 7 earlier than what had been reported in order to match the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S7 during the third quarter of the year, Learn Bonds revealed in April.

This is in the wake of the previous revelation from tech blog site GeekSnack.com that the newest addition to the elite line of phones from Apple Inc. would be released by March 2016 with a couple of never-before-seen features in smartphones.

"According to our sources from within the company, the iPhone 7 release date has been pushed to March alongside the new Apple Watch second edition because there will be a joint event showcasing new integration features that we haven't seen before," the blog stated on June 17, Wednesday.

However, more recent reports claimed that the iPhone 7 would see the light earlier than expected as the mobile manufacturing company has allegedly decided to skip the traditional adding of 'S' to their upcoming smartphones like that of the iPhone 5.

This is because their recent released smartphone, the iPhone 6, have experienced a dip in sales particularly in the United States, according to another report from Learn Bonds.

This devastating news for the iPhone maker was discovered by a study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel which revealed that though the company had gained sales in other countries like China, its U.S. sales dropped from 39.3 to 38.8 percent.

Aside from that, the research also found that the sales of Apple's iPhone has decreased in the other six biggest smartphone markets in the world, particularly in December up until the first two months of the year 2015.

Other countries which have a significant drop in iPhone sales include Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

It is because of this that the company reportedly decided to make the launch of the iPhone 7, which was also rumored to be jam-packed with features like a metal-like material known as the 7000 series Aluminum, a material that would not block wireless signals to and from the device.

"Since metal is not radio frequency transparent, metal is generally a poor choice of material when the devices utilize electromagnetic wave transmission, such as radio frequency transmission for communication," Apple wrote in its patent application.

The new material should pave the way to a seamless design for their notebook touchpads which, according to Techno Buffalo, may even be a good replacement for the MacBook's glass panels.

Meanwhile, here's what some techie fans wish Apple would include in iPhone 7.

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