Updated 11:27 PM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Ruby Rose Used to Be a Great Boxer! [Watch]

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Prior to her rise to stardom, "Orange is the New Black" star Ruby Rose used to punch girls' faces in amateur boxing matches in Australia.

TMZ reports that Rose was a very famous VJ before she became a much sought-after actress in the Netflix hit, the story of which revolved on girls in prison. But even before this, she was seen on video, fighting inside a ring with a woman named Sia last October 2012.

She clearly dominated the fight from beginning to end with her opponent receiving an extreme beating as Rose released mighty combinations from left to right.

It was added in the TMZ report that Rose indeed, at one point of her life, was boxing full time. She also happens to be the god-daughter of former WBA World Bantamweight Champion Lionel Rose.

A similar Daily Mail report noted that her current role in the prison drama "mirrors her true self." She is a true fighter as she has reportedly overcome a dark past like being bullied, extreme depression and a suicidal phase at the age of 12.

"I wanted to be something and prove to girls in high school, and to my mum and dad, that I could be really...spectacular," she once said.

She claimed that when she came out as a lesbian in her teenage years, she withdrew into herself and wasted a lot of years feeling anxious and angry. Rose said she felt "marginalized, something of a 'misfit', and the ensuing five years saw her verbally taunted by schoolmates because of her sexuality."

The sexual abuse she suffered as a young girl reportedly led her to think negatively about her life and even entertain the thought of committing suicide.

"I was getting suicidal thoughts when I shouldn't have even known what suicide was at that age. My past involved incestuous sexual abuse - and a turbulent home life which was not always safe," she added in the Daily Telegraph report.

Rose even noted that it took about 60 days for her to feel OK and reconcile with her mother Katia.

Daily Mail added that Rose has gone past that stage in her life and is now living with her fiancee, Phoebe Dahl, in Los Angeles, though she admits that she is still struggling to adjust with her OITNB character Stella Carli.

Hollywood Life has learned that she recently appeared in an episode where she was nude in one scene, revealing all the tattoos on her body and her great physique. Though she seemed uncomfortable in the scene, going naked for the camera is not new to Rose as she already posed nude for Maxim in 2011.

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