Updated 08:58 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 21, 2020

iPhone 7 Release Date & Price: Force Touch, Rose Gold Model & More Upgrades Expected! Specs & Features Here [Rumors]

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For the next handset installment of Apple, there are rumors that the company could either release an iPhone 6s or immediately move on to iPhone 7, which will come with great features to delight Apple fans and users.

Macotakara reports KGI Securities specialist Kuo predicted that the upcoming iPhone model may have a Force Touch display and be made with a 7000 Series aluminium. It is also predicted to be wider and taller by about 0.15 mm and thicker by 0.2 mm than the previous iPhone 6 because of some enhancements and to match the changes for the Force Touch feature.

The 7000 Series aluminium, which debuted in the Apple watch, used "alloyed with zinc, and can be hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminium alloy," according to Forbes. This feature would surely not have the Bendgate controversy repeated.

A ValueWalk report said KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the phone would come with a "super strong Series 7000 aluminum alloy." During the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, users were complaining that their phones were bending inside their pockets even under minimal pressure.

"It is 60 percent stronger than the material used in the iPhone 6, but weighs only a third as much as stainless steel. In case you doubt Kuo's predictions, an Apple supplier has indirectly confirmed that the iPhone 6S will indeed have a stronger metal body," added the Value Walk report.

Meanwhile, Catcher Technology CEO Allen Horng reportedly claimed that there is higher production of metal casings because of the demand for these due to the bending issue of the latest iPhone release.

Horng also mentioned that to attain good results they used a process which involves "surface treatment on a harder metallic material that is more difficult than traditional metal casing processes."

It was discussed by Business Insider that the Force Touch technology was also introduced earlier on the Apple Watch. The watch's screen tells users how hard he or she is pressing instead of just being able to tell where one is pressing.

The site noted that the phone is estimated to be released as early as September, the same time when iOS 9 will also be unveiled.

Macotakara also added that the handset will come with a 12-megapixel camera for high-quality photos and selfies.

The device is claimed to have a new color, rose gold, as part of the new lineup of the iPhone. Macotakara added that this color of the phone will go perfectly with the Apple Watch Edition 18K Rose Gold model.

"The present gold models may become the similar color to yellow gold and gray ones may also become blacker," added the Macotakara report.

As for the design, the iPhone 7 will reportedly be "slightly larger" than the iPhone 6, as per Forbes, though it noted that the changes would hardly be noticaeble.

Silicon Angle said that the iPhone 7 could cost around $649 and $849.

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