Updated 09:09 AM EST, Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Johnny Manziel Money Sign No More? Cleveland Browns QB Opens Up on Rookie Season 'Disaster'

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Fans can expect no more "money" sign from Johnny Manziel as the Cleveland Browns quarterback announced on Wednesday that he is retiring his trademark symbol.

The move, according to Manziel, is an effort to lessen the distraction he brings to his teammates.

"The money sign will not be back. I will not be making it out there," he said in an ESPN report.

He added that he considers his rookie year a "disaster" because he became more of a distraction than a help to the Browns.

"I feel bad about that today. I feel bad about that throughout the last months of my life really thinking back and seeing how much of my life outside of this field and outside of this locker room was documented. It's not fair for Joe Haden to be having to answer questions about me every day. It's not fair for Joe Thomas and all these guys to just continue to have questions asked about me. I don't think that's fair at all and I don't want that on them," the quarterback explained.

Well, it seems like the "Johnny Football" that the fans once knew will also be out of the picture as Manziel said that his actions made him look like a different person.

"I think at times Johnny Football probably took over me a little bit, too, and I bought into that. ... I think I didn't do my best to hush things down, push down the hype," he added.

A similar Fox Sports report mentioned that this move is a "mature" one from the player, who aims to be a better member of the team this coming season.

"Last year is last year, it was what it was and it was not very good. So for me, I'm trying to close that chapter and just build on what I've done so far this year and just move forward, and try to close that chapter in my life. Not one that I'm very proud of, not one that I want to look back on very much and dwell on, that's for sure," Manziel furthered.

According to the quarterback, his actions will always speak louder than what he is saying as he noted in a Yahoo Sports report that he is doing all the necessary steps to becoming a better Manziel.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine noted that the quarterback seemed inadequate during his first two starts as a rookie of the team, but said that Manziel is now ready to be a true NFL quarterback.

Perhaps all these changes in perception and action is also Manziel's way of seeing improvement in his future games. He told Yahoo Sports that there will always be bad days, but what is important is to learn from these things.

"Some days you come out and you feel like you have it down, and the next day the defense will throw wrinkles at you and you have to go back to the film and evaluate," he added.

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