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‘The Flash' Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date & Trailer: 5 Biggest Plot Spoilers & Theories to Watch For

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The season finale for "The Flash" left fans with a lot cliffhangers, and with time travel and alternate timelines as part of the series, there is no telling where the show will take its audience next.

However, here are several spoilers that viewers can look out for in season 2:

1) Firestorm is likely to have new powers. According to Screenrant, the comics showed the character with the ability to manipulate all matter, not just fire as was established in the first season. Robbie Amell, who plays Ronnie Raymond, said that there was a scene in the finale that showed his character transforming a thermometer into a flower, however the scene was cut as producers found it unnecessary for the plot for the time being.

2) Wally West could make an appearance. When "Legends of Tomorrow" was announced, Screenrant noted in a separate article that "Edge of Tomorrow" actor Franz Drameh was announced as a cast member in an unknown role. Fans have been wanting to see the second most famous speedster from DC for a while now, and that being Iris West's nephew Wally, it would make sense that Kid Flash will be black to coincide with the series. While he may not be a regular on "The Flash" fans would love to catch a glimpse of him soon, anyway.

3) Barry will have a new love. TV Line said that The CW is casting a new major recurring character by the name of Wendy, who was described to be a "spunky, fun, and funny" cop for Central City Police Department and Barry's new love, similar to Arrow's Felicity Smoak. TV Line noted that Wendy will be introduced as early as the second episode next season.

4) Gorilla Grodd could have a bigger role. Screenrant said that although Grodd appeared in the first season of "The Flash," he was presented in the comics as a mastermind antagonist - something that his persona in the first season just isn't ready to be one yet. With room for character development and Grodd being among the more recognized in the DC Universe, he is expected to make a return to the series, acting as his own man instead of doing Reverse Flash's dirty work.

5) The return of Reverse-Flash is also expected, considering that Tom Cavanaugh (who plays Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells) is still a regular in the next season. With time travel and alternate timelines being a big part of the show, the Reverse-Flash could easily come from anywhere.

What else do you expect to see on "The Flash" next season?

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