Updated 04:48 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

iPod Touch 6th Generation Launching With New iPhone Model? Release Date, Price, Specs & What We Know So Far [Rumors]

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With so many smartphones capable of playing music, Apple's iPod Touch seems to be an impractical device. The lack of announcement about a new version of the music device may have tamped down the expectations of some fans. Recent reports, however, suggest that there's a huge chance that the iPod Touch 6th Generation is launching this year alongside a new iPhone model.

Listed below are the latest rumors and speculations about the iPod Touch 6G. It should be noted that these are all unconfirmed at the moment and an official announcement from Apple is yet to be had.

Release Date

Stabley Times claimed that the new version of the iPod Touch will be released along with the iPhone 6S this coming fall. Master Herald noted that three years have passed since the tech giant rolled out the iPod Touch 5th Generation back in 2012.


It is speculated that the iPod Touch 6th Generation will have a starting price of $250 up to $300 depending on the variant, Master Herald noted.

Design & Display

As for the music device's appearance, the news outlet said that the iPod Touch 6th Generation will have an appearance just like its predecessors, "but is converged with an iPhone," making it a two-in-one gadget. It is also said that the device will roll out in two variants: a 4.7-inch screen size version and a 5.5-inch type. Both versions are expected to feature Retina display.

CrossMap reported that the next iPod Touch will have a thinner and colorful back side made of plastic. Speculations say that it will be available in pink, yellow, orange, green blue, silver, and space gray, with rumors of a special edition in gold.

Processor, Storage, & OS

Master Herald claimed that the iPod Touch 6th Generation will be powered by an A9 microprocessor, which is yet to come out from production. CrossMap, however, contradicted this claim by saying that the gadget will have an A5 processor.

As for its operating system, Master Herald wrote that the device will run using the iOS 9. The OS is said to be going through its final beta tests before it rolls out in September together with the new iPod Touch.

The device is also said to have 1 GB of RAM, with an internal memory storage that can be upgraded up to 128 GB via a microSD card, the news outlet added.

iPhone 6S

Rumors claim that the iPhone 6S will have definite improvements over the current flagship. Forbes rounded up speculations about the smartphone's specs, which include the Force Touch, a feature which will recognize a user's action based on how hard they press down.

The device's camera is expected to come at 12 MP, along with a QHD resolution and sapphire glass, Forbes added. A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM are said to be included in the iPhone 6S as well.

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