Updated 12:54 AM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel Reportedly Yells & Throws Bottle At Harassing Fan

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Johnny Manziel, who plays quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, reportedly yelled and threw a water bottle at a fan who allegedly harassed him.

According to Cleveland.com, a fan "relentlessly" harassed Manziel which incidentally pushed the football player to shout and throw a water bottle at him.

Texas policemen reportedly had to intervene in the incident but no charges were filed after the confrontation. Authorities said Manziel was not under the influence of alcohol during the time of the incident.

Manziel was attending the Byron Nelson Classic PGA Tournament in Irving with a couple of friends over the weekend when the incident happened.

Manziel's agent Erik Burkhardt said that the player was harassed and that he immediately reported it to the authorities.

Irving Police Department spokesperson James McLellan confirmed that an 18-year-old male started harassing Brown when he was near the Four Seasons' pool on Saturday afternoon. 

The quarterback ended up throwing a water battle at the man and the tension between the two escalated quickly. The NFL stars' friends had to intervene in the situation to prevent additional harm and damages before the authorities responded to the scene.

Yahoo Sports has learned that another fan named Chase Fritz from Plano, Texas claimed that he saw Manziel throw the water bottle at the fan but missed. This solicited a comment from the fan saying "Hey, nice throw, Johnny." Fritz added that the reaction totally agitated Manziel who was not able to control himself from approaching the fan.

Another TMZ report indicated that Manziel talked to the cops following the altercation.

According to USA Today, the fan may have been seeking an autograph from Manziel but his way was too much for the football star.

"According to Johnny, this person had been asking for about two hours for his autograph and Johnny was refusing to give him his autograph. I don't know if that just escalated more and it turned into heckling on his part or harassing, but that would be logical," McLellan said.

McLellan also reiterated that no charges or arrests were made after the incident. "The only criminal offense that occurred was somebody that was in Johnny's group pushed the 18 year old. It was not Johnny, that's misinformation that's out there, and (the 18 year old) didn't want to press charges. It was a bunch of nothing," the spokesperson said.

Manziel, 22, was a first-round pick of the Browns last year. Last month, he exited a rehab facility. Prior his release, he took the time on Easter weekend to play golf with his family in Shreveport.

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