Updated 01:18 AM EST, Sat, Dec 04, 2021

'Devious Maids' Season 3 Episode 1 Air Date: Eva Longoria Discusses Show Backlash

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Eva Longoria has recently discussed some issues in the characterization of Hispanics on TV.

In an appearance at the 7th annual Produced By L.A. conference Sunday held at Paramount Studios, Longoria told moderator Marc Cherry, creator/executive producer of "Desperate Housewives" and "Devious Maids," that Hollywood often views Latino talents in a stereotypical way.

"It's a lot of identity crisis for my character, which is rooted in my life story," the actress said of her character on NBC's upcoming comedy series titled "Hot and Bothered." "I grew up in Texas, I'm Mexican-American and I'm close to my Mexican roots but I didn't speak Spanish and I don't have an accent," she added, as quoted by Variety.

Longoria produced "Hot and Bothered" and Lifetime's "Devious Maids," the news outlet noted. Through her UnbeliEVAble Entertainment production company, the 40-year-old star has been involved with a number of projects, often serving as a producer.

During the conference, Longoria also revealed about the backlash that "Devious Maids" received concerning its representation of Hispanic women, Variety reported. However, the actress also stressed out that covering up the real story of women who work as domestic helpers is one way of repressing them.

"I've known so many amazing women in my life who are amazing," she explained, as quoted by Variety. "And I said, 'You're saying these people don't have a story to tell - you're saying all they do is go and clean your homes.' They have big lives and complex lives."

"Devious Maids" is Cherry's point of view regarding the relationships between employees and employers, The Wrap wrote. According to Longoria, domestic workers earned her respect after she joined the Lifetime drama series, which stars Roselyn Sánchez, Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, and Judy Reyes.

"The maid who raises a brain surgeon, is she not a success? The Castro Brothers, who are the future of the Democratic party, their mother was a maid. My housekeeper, both of her children are going to be doctors," the "Desperate Housewives" actress said, as reported by The Wrap.

In the conference, Cherry also asked Longoria whether she had a hard time being taken seriously working behind-the-scenes, given that she is an attractive woman and is a popular actress. But Longoria explained that she asserts herself when it comes to working in the production industry to make people see that she is not "just an actress," Variety wrote.

"I've always been a producer and I've always been a director who happened to fall into acting," she shared, as quoted by Variety.

"Devious Maids" airs its third season on Monday night, June 1, on Lifetime. Season 3 will also feature Naya Rivera, Edy Ganem, Gilles Marini, and Brianna Brown, TV Line listed.

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