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'Persona 5' PS4 PS3 Latest Rumor Roundup: Release Date, Gameplay & Features to Expect

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Earlier rumors claimed that "Persona 5" will be released on PS4 and PS3 by October, but now it seems that it could be later than the said date without going beyond March 2016.

The role-playing video game, according to CrossMap, is a much-anticipated game and was earlier rumored to be released February, but did not materialize though fans were given teaser trailers of the upcoming installment.

According to the same report, the two trailers received "overwhelming response" from fans of the game, with game director Katsua Hashino recognizing this achievement.

"It's been a massive outpouring and we're really happy to see people are into it as much as they are. It's a huge relief to all of us on the team to have things turn out that way. Still, it's also indicative that the anticipation is running really high among people who have enjoyed our work up until now, so it's not without some pressure coming our way, too," Hashino said.

Sega Sammy, the parent company of Persona's developer Atlus, reportedly announced that "Persona 5" will be released in the upcoming months.

"In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, the Group will launch new titles mainly for the Group's mainstay IP including 'Persona5' which will be the latest title from the Persona series boasting over 6 million total copies sold along with implementing transitions of IP for packaged games such as 'Total War' series into digital games mainly in overseas," the report read as quoted by TechnoBuffalo.

But CrossMap said that since there is still no official announcement regarding the release date of "Persona 5," it could be possible that the game will be launched between October 2015 and March 2016.

MoviePilot noted that some details on "Persona 5" will be unveiled during the E3 Conference which starts June 14. The site added that people are expecting surprises in the game that has yet to receive an official release date.

Gamers are also reportedly asking for new features, more characters and a great storyline for the upcoming iteration.

An earlier GameDynamo report mentioned that the upcoming installment will have the "flair and style" just like other games in the Persona franchise.

The same report noted that based from the released screenshots of the game, it is expected to have "typical Persona gameplay staples like high-school simulation, dungeon exploration, and turn-based RPG battles, all of it effortlessly stylish to behold."

Nevertheless, the said images of the games are not yet in their highest resolution and gamers will still have the opportunity to scrutinize the game's quality once it becomes available in the market soon.

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