Updated 04:28 PM EST, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes Daniel Cormier About His Belly Post-Victory Over Anthony Johnson

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Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the side of UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier when he won the title fight against Anthony Johnson on Saturday. Interestingly, the "Terminator" actor teased the champ about his belly.

While Cormier was being interviewed backstage after the fight, Schwarzenegger approached and congratulated him saying he did great during the matchup. The actor then joked that he "almost saw a six pack" on the UFC fighter to which Cormier immediately responded with: "That is not going to happen," while laughing. 

According to Yahoo Sports, Cormier does not deny that he is an intense food lover.

"He carries a reputation for being a thicker-than-average light heavyweight. Schwarzenegger, being a vocal fan of the sport, showered 'DC' with post-fight praise," added the same report.

Before sealing the win against Johnson, Cormier was stunned with a powerful hit from his opponent which made his knees weak. However, he managed to joke about it after the fight.

"In the moment I rolled, 'cause I'm kinda chubby, you know - so I roll when I fall. I look behind me and there's Anthony and he's coming. I wasn't completely out, but I did get stunned. That's the first time I've ever been knocked down in competition, in practice, anything," he said.

Reporting about the highlights of the fight, MMA Mania noted Cormier was able to close the distance and dumped Johnson on the floor. Johnson was able to get back up on his knees and attempted to throw a right hand at Cormier which did not land on the latter.

The UFC light heavyweight champion was able to land short shots at his opponent and continued his close distance.

After winning the fight, Cormier called out embattled UFC fighter Jon Jones to fight him. "I'm waiting for you!" Cormier said via Fox Sports.

In January, Jones defeated Cormier via unanimous decision at UFC 182. Jones was recently arrested for a hit-and-run incident which led him to lose his light heavyweight title. Fox Sports said the UFC star is not expected to return until all his legal issues have been cleared.  

Meanwhile, Johnson said he does not regret coming into the fight, and he even asked people to do what he just did.

"Tonight I might have lost, but the one thing I want you guys to remember is that you should never give up. I was pushed down to the bottom and I worked my way up to the top. I want you all to know no matter what comes your way in life, never give up," Johnson said.

The fighter still has a shot at making a title fight since he has yet to come face to face with Jones. Also, he might be given another chance to battle it out against Cormier.

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