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iPad Air 3 vs iPad Pro: Release Date, Specs, Features & Price Comparison [Rumors]

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Apple's devices are one of the most popular gadgets out in the tech industry. Though still unannounced, some people are clamoring over the tech giant's brand-new and upcoming tablets, such as the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro.

We compared the rumored specs and features of the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro. Note that these are all unconfirmed for now and official news from Apple is yet to be announced.

Specs & Features

Expert Reviews claimed that the iPad Air 3 will have a full quad-core processor and 64-bit hardware for improved power. Day Herald wrote that the tablet is expected to come in at a design slimmer than the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6. The iPad Air 3 is also said to have 2GB RAM space, Force Touch Utility feature, Retina display, and the upcoming iOS 9.

The tablet could also have Apple's new battery technology which "allows for slices of battery to be layered on top of each other in a staggered manner in order to make the most of the curved edges of the chassis," Expert Reviews noted. Other features include the USB Type-C connector from the MacBook, fingerprint scanner, and a stylus. Day Herald added that the gadget will have four corners located in each corner for better sound experience.

ValueWalk, in contrast, claimed that the iPad Pro will come in at 13 inches with a split screen capability. This function needs adequate memory space for it to operate fully, so Apple could improve this aspect by providing the tablet a 4GB memory.

The iPad Pro is also rumored to come in at two variants: one will have Wi-Fi only support while the other version will have Wi-Fi plus cellular, ValueWalk noted. Other than the split screen function, Apple is also said to equip the tablet with a multi-user support.

MacRumors wrote that the iPad Pro will be powered by the A9 processor and the iOS 8. For improved audio experience, speakers and microphones situated at the top and bottom edges of the device are expected. Other features include an optional stylus accessory, 2GB RAM space, USB 3.0 ports, NFC support, Force Touch capability, and a motion co-processor with several sensors.


Expert Reviews claimed that the iPad Air 3 will have a standard price at $615 for a variant with 32GB memory storage. A separate report from the news outlet speculated that the iPad Pro could cost more than $760.

Release Date

Following Apple's usual timetable of releasing their products, Expert Reviews said that the iPad Air 3 will be launched in the first or second week of November 2015.

Citing The Wall Street Journal, MacRumors predicted that the iPad Pro has a target September 2015 mass production, with the launch happening in October in line with Apple's usual iPad release timeline.

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