Updated 04:36 PM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Aaron Hernandez Gets ‘Lifetime’ New Neck Tattoo in Prison, Pleads Not Guilty to Witness Intimidation

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Former New England Patriots player and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez was seen sporting a new tattoo during a recent court appearance for his witness intimidation case.

The tattoo, which is a star with the word "Lifetime" above it, can be found on the right side of his neck, as per Yahoo Sports. Sources said the tattoo has a bottom part but it was concealed by his collar.

Boston Globe reports Hernandez's new ink includes a hand making a sign with the thumb and the pinky finger up.

Aside from his neck tattoo, he also reportedly got additional hand tattoes while he's still incarcerated. 

Getting a tattoo while in prison is a violation to the Massachusetts jail regulations. Those who tattoo someone else or have paraphernalia for creating such art will also be held accountable under the rules.

"Possible sanctions include disciplinary detention for up to 10 days and loss of a privilege such as television or radio for up to 60 days," added Yahoo Sports.

Falling under Catergory 3 of the regulations, Boston Globe added that violators are not entitled to engage in certain activities like listening to the radio and watching television. There have been no updates from the jail management if Hernandez will be sanctioned for this violation.

Hernandez showed up in court for the first time after he was convicted of the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. This time, he was compelled to appear in court for his arraignment on the witness intimidation charge of former pal Alexander Bradley.

The Washington Post  has learned that the former NFL player pleaded not guilty to the said charge. This was the same plea he entered for the double murder case he is also facing for allegedly killing Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu in 2012. Bradley was said to be Hernandez's companion when the two were killed in Boston. 

The prosecution for the case argued that Bradley personally witnessed the shooting. Seven months later, Hernandez shot his former friend on the face and left him for dead on the side of the road. The reason behind this was believed to be Bradley's statement against Hernandez about the "stupid things" he did in Boston.

A hearing for the case was scheduled in June, when the court will reportedly discuss the possibility of joining the murder case and the witness intimidation charge. A trial date will also be set though Hernandez's team hoped to have it next year.

After being convicted over Lloyd's murder, Hernandez has been serving his time in jail. SB Nation has learned that the former Patriots player received a disciplinary action for being a lookout in a prison fight. 

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