Updated 01:42 AM EDT, Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Cris Cyborg Slams Ronda Rousey in Lengthy Facebook Essay; Read Her Thoughts Here

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UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey said in a recent interview that Cris Cyborg is just all about "roids, muscle and no technique... no chin at all" and this prompted the latter to respond via a lengthy social media post.

On her Facebook page, the reigning Invicta FC featherweight champion slammed Rousey's trash talking.

"When Ronda first started using my name in interviews to build hers during our Strikeforce days it use to make me mad, however it has gotten to the point that I now feel sorry for her," Cyborg said in her post.

She added that based from Rousey's actions, one can tell that she "is not happy with her life." 

"She is world champion in the UFC and has the same grumpy face no matter what picture you see of her," added the Invicta champion.

Cyborg also said that Rousey has very few real friends left and noted that the UFC still had to beg fighters to extend their congratulations to her on social media for making it to the cover of Sports Illustrated.

"She has struggled to find an identity away from Judo and fighting and has used her money and popularity to build an entourage. I think a lot of her attitude is from insecurities that she has outside of the Octagon away from fighting," Cyborg continued.

Her Facebook essay also revealed that Rousey only plans to fight her at 135lbs because the latter is afraid that if she lost to her, she would lose her whole identity.

"When the cameras aren't around and everyone has gone home, I think she's just a really lonely-unhappy soul, and that's a sad way to live your life," Cyborg added.

She then went on to say that she hopes the fight between them will happen, noting that she is not after the belt but the thought of breaking Rousey's spirit.

"...for all the mean things she has said about me. She made it personal and that isn't something an opponent wants to do against me," Cyborg added.

However, MMA Mania revealed that the two fighters may never have the chance to fight since they both have demands from each other. Rowdy wants Cyborg to go down to 135 lbs and prove she is not taking steroids while the other wants her future opponent to meet her halfway. Talks for their fight seem too complicated as of late.

Nevertheless, the UFC is very much eager to seal the fight as president Dana White said that their match could potentially earn 2 million pay-per-view buys, as per Bloody Elbow.

It can be noted that Rousey was able to gather about 550,000 viewers during her fight against Cat Zingano.

Will the rivalry of Cyborg and Rousey materialize in a much-awaited matchup? Though it is possible, it's still too early to tell.

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