Updated 05:48 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

'WWE 2K16' Release Date Confirmed! PS4 Xbox One Gameplay, Features & Everything We Know So Far [News & Rumors]

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"WWE 2K16" for PS4 and Xbox One is coming before the year ends as it has been announced that the game instalment will hit stores on Oct. 27.

IGN said the announcement was made during Take Two Interactive's financial outlook on Monday.

However, only a few details about the game was leaked alongside a teaser of an "unannounced, triple-A title coming from 2K" that was also mentioned during the event.

The given release date is reportedly for North America only with international releases scheduled three days later.

According to IGN, Take-Two revenues were announced to be at $1.7 billion—quite lower than the $2.4 billion it earned last year after launching big games like "Grand Theft Auto V" on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nonetheless, IGN noted that the previous "WWE 2K15" release was only rated average since it had "cut features, an unsatisfying roster, and ugly visuals" which made it less interesting than the other instalments from previous years.

Interestingly, "WWE 2K16" promises to be a lot better than its predecessor, with Gospel Herald noting that WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross will likely lend his voice in support of the upcoming game that is also believed to feature "historical matches and content."

Ross was reportedly not included in the previous game installment to the disappointment of many fans. This year could certainly be different as the renowned commentator himself hinted his inclusion in the game.

"In talks with 2K Sports to do some work on their next video game for WWE. Love the process and from what I'm told the new game will be extremely provocative and certainly has my attention already. Stay tuned," Ross wrote on his official blog

The upcoming release is also believed to feature a new body mechanics system, such that players will properly react to stimuli like being struck in different body parts.

"Players can also use a variety of weapons including tables, folding chairs, kendo sticks, ladders and sledge hammers. There may also be a stamina system that determines whether players can complete a move for their favorite wrestler," noted Gospel Herald.

A similar VC Post report stated that in "WWE 2K16", players can use a variety of weapons like Kendo sticks, steel chairs, ladders, tables, baseball bats and sledge hammers—all of which having new weapon attack animations.

Game developer 2K Games reportedly sought the help of several WWE stars like Chase Stevens, Cesaro, Damien Sandow, and even TNA Star Low Ki and Kaval to recreate realistic moves and mannerisms for the game.

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