Updated 04:13 AM EDT, Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Gennady Golovkin KOs Willie Monroe Jr at Round 6, Claims 20th Consecutive KO Win

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Kazakh boxer Gennady Golovkin earned his 20th consecutive knockout victory on Saturday night, demolishing Willie Monroe Jr. during the sixth round of their bout.

It was his usual show-stopping flourish, according to Daily Mail, noting that it was another "masterful performance" from Golovkin, who knocked out his opponent twice during the second round and once again on the sixth.

He has reportedly defeated all his opponents in the same manner since 2008.

"It was a good big drama show. Iwas happy with my performance. Willie is a very tough fighter. I felt very strong tonight. I knocked him down twice, but I didn't want an easy round the next round. I wanted to keep working," Golovkin told Daily Mail.

Monroe reportedly did not want to continue after he fell to the canvas during the sixth round.

Explaining why he had to stop his fight with Golovkin, Monroe told The Guardian: "I was getting hit in the kidneys and the hips and I couldn't feel my legs."

Golovkin is known for hurting his opponent even without the intention of knocking them out.

"Ask Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray, who will testify that Gennady's setup shots, the ones that manoeuvre an opponent into the best hitting zone, are as solid as his full-strength blows," explained The Guardian.

However, Yahoo Sports acknowledged that the only depressing thing about the outcome of the fight is the lack of big opponents for Golovkin, who is said to be very desperate in "seeking a significant bout."

Sources say the champion is keeping his hopes high in securing a fight with Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez.

A Cotto fight is a bit out of the context as he is set to fight against Daniel Geale on June 6, aside from the fact that he and Alvarez are also planning to go against each other.

"That leaves Golovkin on the outside looking in, unless a deal for a bout against long-inactive super middleweight champion Andre Ward can be made," added Yahoo Sports, noting that Ward has not fought since November 2013 and that he is just scheduled to return in a tune-up fight versus Paul Smith on June 20.

The boxer's promoter Tom Loeffler said that it would also be challenging to go against Ward because of financial demands, though he said that Oscar De La Hoya is pushing for the fight.

Golovkin's victory inside the ring makes analysts and fans compare him to Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Bleacher Report explained that like Pacman, Golovkin also brings in an exciting, fan-friendly style from a foreign country. "He also improved his English-speaking skills to help him crossover to a North American fanbase. His personality is also similar to Pacquiao's as he is simply a nice guy. It's really hard to hate him," added the same article.

The boxing career of this Kazakh fighter seems to be just booming and there are still great things waiting for him in the industry.

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