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'NHL 16' PS4 Xbox One Release Date News: Team Creator, Online Tournaments & More Gameplay Features Expected

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In a recent EA announcement, it was indicated that "NHL 16" will have a full-feature release this Tuesday May 19 with the upcoming game launch expected during the Q2 FY 2015, along with "FIFA 16" and "Madden NFL 16."

VideoGamer said the release window could mean that the three games will be launched either in July, August or September. It added that these upcoming releases will join the "PGA Tour" which is expected to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on July 16.

According to a similar PlayStation Lifestyle report, the previous "NHL 15" release was not impressive with fans seeking for a better gaming experience this year.

Nilsen Report said that Electronic Arts sent an e-mail to selected "NHL 15" owners in 2014 asking them for feedback on the development of this year's installment.

Based from a screenshot of the survey shared by Nilsen Report, EA is reportedly considering to include a couch mode on the upcoming "NHL 16." This gameplay mode will allow players to pick a team and fantasy draft players, and compete with a maximum of 8 friends in this offline game mode.

Another important feature looked into is the team creator where players can create custom jerseys and team logos from a PC or laptop to give the team a unique look using the "NHL 16" web application.

It was also noted in the Nilsen Report that an online tournament mode can set up teams online to play against other users and win prizes.

Meanwhile, the expected owner mode will help the franchise succeed by managing a team business. "Success depends on your ability to earn a profit and ice a winning team," added the Nilsen Report.

The same article added that the coming of "NHL 16" will "likely win back some fans who skipped NHL 15."

"Rebuilding old modes from past titles, however, may not be enough to reverse the franchise's negative momentum in North America, where retail sales have decreased every season since NHL 11," Nilsen Report added.

As for the expectations of the gamers, it was reported that they are looking for a more social gaming interface which could possibly feature Twitter feeds or news about the games and the league.

Nilsen Report added that players would want to interact with other players and coaches in the game just like in Madden, FIFA and NBA 2K.

The same article said that there should be goals and budget every beginning of the season and your monetary allocation will increase if you do well in the games and if not, you will only be able to play for a short time.

This is an exciting time for NHL fans as the game is expected to bring in a lot of innovations and changes which will surely make it much anticipated.

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