Updated 09:55 PM EST, Sun, Jan 17, 2021

'NBA 2K16' The Most Attractive Installment Yet? PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date, Gameplay & Features Here

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Set to be released this coming October on PC, Xbox One and PS4, the "NBA 2K16" game is said to be the most attractive installment of the franchise because of the many developments and innovation made in the game.

Gospel Herald said that the developers of the upcoming game have made new alterations like incredible graphics with lesser default and a lot more physical interaction to make gameplay more fun. Another exciting part about the "NBA 2K16" is that Oscar-nominated filmmaker and a prominent fan of the New York Knicks, Spike Lee, will reportedly be part of its career mode.

Sporting News also said that if it is true that Lee is part of the development of the game, players can expect "stellar storytelling" because of the filmmaker's artistry and connection to the NBA.

Good Game Bro reported that with this new feature, 2K Sports is focusing more on improved body types for players.

"It's also possible that the team is looking at capturing body tattoos as well on players that aren't currently captured," the same report added.

There are also rumors that cheerleaders will have additional routines in the game after 2K Sports captured Los Angeles Clippers dancer Natalie Tenerelli.

Aside from the full body scan, Franchise Herald said "NBA2K16" is set to bring better graphic improvements than its previous installment, "giving a life-like possible gaming experience to the players."

With these rumored changes set to happen on the game, players are also reportedly hoping that they would improve the customization system for ratings. On Reddit, gamers suggested that the game should stop forcing players to upgrade items when they do not want to do so.

As for the improved simulations feature, NBA 2K16 Game noted that it is important for every video game to pay attention to simulation since it provides great gaming experience to fans.

A similar Polygon report mentioned that servers failing is really disappointing for gamers and fans of the franchise, noting that the main attraction being offered is an online multiplayer. Hence, a solution to this would be very much welcome.

Players are also hoping that the game will offer a better rating system which will offer "a differentiation between gold and bronze teams," as per NBA 2K16 Game.

"It makes no sense with both teams rated with minute margins. Low rated teams should feature a system that build up rookies from scratch to lend more credibility to the game," the same report added.

The upcoming game release is surely anticipated by so many gamers out there who cannot seem to wait for October to come.

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