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iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date: The Biggest Rumors on Price, Specs & Features So Far

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If rumors are to be believed, Apple Inc. is planning to launch the latest version of the iPod, dubbed the 6th Generation iPod Touch, speculated to come out later this year.

According to Crossmap, besides being an MP3 player, it will be released with a new processor and camera as well.

While there's not much that we know about the 6th Gen iPod (it was believed to be all but wishful thinking until recently) there are already rumors floating around to say what we can expect, among them the following:

Release date

Gospel Herald has noted that the latest iPod Touch could be released by fall, as the company seems to be set on putting their flagship MP3s back in the market.

New features

Master Herald noted that the next generation iPod will probably have a combination of features from the iPod Touch 5th Generation, as well as features from the latest iPhones, but that remains to be seen. However, if they are pushing for their music players to get back on the stands, it should have a lot of new features, considering that the fifth generation did not fare so well compared to its predecessors due to the lack of improvements. Some updated features include water resistance, inclusion of the Siri feature, and an A9 microprocessor with iOS 9.

Venture Capital Post also reported that the 6th Gen iPod could be a hit for techies with its 1GB RAM and expandable memory of up to 128 GB via a microSD card. For the hardcore Apple fans, it is also set to be compatible to the Apple Watch, which is just the cherry on top of its new features.


Colors are the least important when it comes to buying gadgets, but since this is the time for self-expression, it will be neat that the new gen has been reported to come in several colors, including pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, silver, and space gray, with a rumored gold special edition. Taking a page out of its playbook, iPod touch 6th Gen may also come in more than one size, considering how much of a hit the iPhone 6 Plus has been to fans, as noted by Gospel Herald.


Reportedly priced between $250 to $300 depending on the rumored 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch variant, the iPod Touch 6th Gen, is said to be launched by June at the World Wide Developers Conference. If so, then there is a possibility that the fall 2015 release just may come true.

These details are still to be confirmed, but just in case the rumors are true, wouldn't you be excited to get in line for your own new iPod?

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