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'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date & Cast News: 5 Biggest Plot Spoilers to Watch For

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Now that Orlando Jones won't be returning for the upcoming third season of Fox's supernatural drama "Sleepy Hollow," fans are wondering about how the show will proceed without Frank Irving, a significant ally of the main characters Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison).

Entertainment Weekly described Jones' departure as "a time of transition" for the series. Showrunner Mark Goffman is also leaving "Sleepy Hollow," passing the reins to Clifton Campbell of "The Glades." Jones and Goffman left before a renewal for a third season was announced by the network. Katia Winter and John Noble also bade goodbye to their characters, Katrina Crane and Henry Parrish, respectively.

We compiled a list of the five biggest plot spoilers from Season 3. Check them out below.

Outcome of Katrina and Henry's Death

True enough, Katrina's death in the hands of her husband Ichabod is accidental, but it doesn't mean that it hurts less. Ichabod needs to make a choice between defending Abbie and stopping his wife from her evil plans. On top of all this, Abbie was the one who shot Ichabod's son Henry, which could make things complicated for the two leads.

In an interview with TV Line, Mison said that there could be guilt in Ichabod's part in Season 3. Though his character is known for keeping his emotions buried underneath, it is possible that Ichabod's issues would rise to the surface which he needs to address.

A Different Take

With a new showrunner behind the series, fans should expect that "Sleepy Hollow" will tackle a different route and new perspectiv, Latin Times reported. It was also revealed that production will be changing locations from North Carolina to Georgia, signaling about Campbell's plans to reinvent the show.

So far, the only cast members confirmed for Season 3 are Mison and Beharie, but Latin Times wrote that there's a good chance that Lyndie Greenwood and Matt Barr are returning to their respective roles as Jennifer Mills and Nick Hawley.

More Screen Time for Benjamin Franklin

Latin Times added that Benjamin Franklin, portrayed by Tim Busfield, could make an appearance on Season 3.

"I hope we'll see much more of him. I'd like to see an 18th century heist with Ichabod, Jefferson, and Franklin. Mainly because I'd like to see Steven Weber (Thomas Jefferson) and Tim Busfield bickering while picking a safe. That's my dream," Mison shared, as quoted by the news outlet.

Ichabod & Abbie to Face More Challenges

According to Cross Map, Ichabod and Abbie will encounter more challenges in Season 3. Mison revealed that the upcoming episodes will no longer focus on the Crane family's drama, so it's safe to say that the third season will go deeper into Ichabod and Abbie's relationship.

Ichabod-Abbie Motorcycle

On a lighter note, there's a possibility that an Ichabod-Abbie motorcycle will make an appearance. Mison said in an interview that he wants to see an Ichabbie mobile, with "Abbie riding the motorbike and Ichabod riding the side car, that's how they get around," Latin Times reported.

"Sleepy Hollow" returns fall 2015 on FOX.

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