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Microsoft HoloLens Release Date in E3 2015? What We Know About the AR-VR Tech So Far

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The upcoming E3 event is expected to bring in a lot of good news and innovation with the inclusion of Microsoft's VR/AR headset technology, the HoloLens.

In its HoloLens website, Microsoft said that the company is excited to reveal more about holographic computing during the E3 event.

"Holographic computing promises whole new ways for us to create, collaborate, work, and play. We look forward to showing and telling you more at E3, the world's premier trade show for computer and video games and related products," Microsoft wrote.

GameSpot said the company did not directly say that the new technology will appear during the E3 or if the device will be featured in one of the its booths, though it noted that both can be possible. The E3 event is scheduled from June 16 to 18 in Los Angeles and Microsoft's briefing will be on June 15.

Microsoft has also reportedly launched a new YouTube channel for HoloLens which featured videos about the state-of-the-art technology.

"Earlier this week at Microsoft's Build conference in San Francisco, the company announced a new HoloLens partnership with game engine giant Unity, which powers titles like HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft and many others," added GameSpot.

In January this year, Microsoft announced the HoloLens during the company's marquee event. It described this new technology as "completely untethered - no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed [and something which] allows you to pin holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world," as per the HoloLens website.

The HoloLens has its own dedicated CPU, GPU and a holographic processing unit (or HPU) which "tracks the environment around you, what you're looking at, and what you're doing with your hands," according to The Verge.

Through the introduction of this new technology, Microsoft is reportedly allowing its users to see augmented versions of their environment which is similar to what the Google Glass offered.

"Packed into the headset are cameras for capturing photos and video, as well as numerous sensors and speakers that tell where your head is and feed you binaural audio to recreate the sense of sounds coming from certain parts of your environment," The Verge added.

Microsoft also explained that the HoloLens can be very beneficial to businesses as it will "transform how companies, designers, and creators work with three-dimensional data to bring products and information to life."

Putting the spotlight on the HoloLens in the upcoming E3 event could be considered a game changer since consumers will be given another choice as competition heats up in the VR market. "That means it will have more game related projects to show. I look forward to seeing HoloLens go head-to-head with Sony's Project Morpheus in a couple months," Game Informer noted.

Certainly, people are now anticipating if the HoloLens will indeeed amaze Microsoft fans and users.

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