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iPhone 7 Release Date: Behold the Most Stunning Concepts Available Now! Specs, Features & Price Details Here [Rumors]

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Months after the release of the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, rumors about the purported iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6S) are already rampant. Speculations about its features and specifications are already popping up on different tech websites, as well as concept designs for the mobile device.

Here are the most stunning concepts and latest rumors available for the iPhone 7. Note that these are all unverified and an official announcement from Apple is yet to be had.

Bring Back the iPod Nano

A concept by Riho Kroll from Germany published on MakeUseOf features the iPhone 7, which design is reminiscent of the latest generation of the iPod Nano, with touch sensitive side panels on either side. A secondary display of the device positioned above the earpiece is also available, showing cellular signal strength, battery level, and notifications.

As for the sensitive panels, MakeUseOf wrote that its purpose is to reduce the number of UI elements by providing a new technique of interaction, such as a video player with fewer mess and new types of games.

A Sharp-Edged iPhone

Another concept design showed on The Week by Jan-Willem Reusink featured a sharp-edged iPhone 7 with an all-metal frame. According to the news outlet, this particular design could provide difficulties in getting a radio signal, but the overall finish of the appearance is sophisticated.

The model also bears resemblance with the Apple MacBooks, although the laptops are curvier in appearance.

Rose-Colored iPhone 7

Martin Hajek, a regular creator of concept models for iPhone handsets, has showcased rose-colored designs of the alleged device on his website. Obviously, the color palette goes well with the brand new Apple Watch, and, as pointed out by The Week, imagines "how the 18-carat gold shell of the Apple Watch Edition might be applied to the frame of the iPhone 6S or 7."

Another idea from Hajek features an iPhone 7 design concept in which the display meets all four edges of mobile's front frame.

A Different Color Palette

This concept from Yasser Farahi published on Oval Picture showcases a few structural tweaks to the iPhone 6. The designer imagined that the tech giant will provide a more subtle color palette for the iPhone 7, which includes wine, space gray, gold, copper, and silver colors.

Specs & Features

According to Mac World, the iPhone 7's A9 processor chips could be solely manufactured by Samsung. A 1GB to 2GB RAM space could also be included. For the handset's battery life, a good performance of its battery could compromise other aspects of the mobile.

"Talking of performance, when the issue of the frequent need to recharge the iPhone is raised, [Ive] answers that it's because it's so light and thin that we use it so much and therefore deplete the battery. With a bigger battery it would be heavier, more cumbersome, less 'compelling'," Jony Ive told Financial Times, as reported by Mac World.

Aside from these, the iPhone 7 could get new Force Touch capabilities, a pre-installed Apple SIM, wireless charging, iOS 9, and a Sapphire glass just like the iWatch or a super-hardened 'Project Phire' Gorilla Glass, Mac World listed.

Tech Radar speculated that the iPhone 7 or 6S could be sold at less than $649.

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