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Samsung Q1 2015 Net Income Dips 40%; Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge to Revive Sales?

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Samsung has earned an operating profit of 6 trillion won ($5.6 billion) from January to March (Q1) 2015, Engadget reported. While such figure indicates the company's improvement from the last quarter, its overall profits are still down, the outlet said.

The Korean tech giant's net income has specifically dipped 40% to 4.52 trillion won ($4.2 billion) in the recent quarter, Bloomberg noted.

Nevertheless, recent figures appear to be the company's highest profit in three quarters, Reuters wrote. Samsung hopes that its latest S-line flagship, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, can both revive the company's dim sales performance.

Samsung Vice President Park Jin Young said, "Galaxy S6 sales have been going as well as expected, while demand for the Galaxy S6 edge have been better than anticipated."

As told by Reuters, Samsung reassured its investors that sales were healthy thus far. In addition, supply issues related to the Galaxy S6 Edge are expected to be resolved in the current quarter.

Bloomberg cited Park's perspective on the current flagship, which said, "Edge supply is fast-improving, so the tight supply situation will be eased during the second quarter. If we look at it over the model's life cycle, S6 will be the best-seller."

That being said, the company may be in position to finally be at par with Apple, the world's top smartphone maker in the first quarter.

Bloomberg took note of Greg Roh's remarks, a Seoul-based analyst at HMC Investment Securities Co., who shared his prediction, "The second quarter will be brighter as mobile earnings are expected to improve, largely driven by the increased sales of the S6."

"The pricier Edge device will take up half of the total S6 shipment from May, and that will give a strong lift to its mobile business," the analyst added.

Yet Apple isn't Samsung's sole rival, if we are to look at the greater picture. According to CNNMoney, the company has also been challenged by smaller startups such as Xiaomi.

Engadget is convinced that Samsung needs to create "a compelling product" that directly competes with Apple's iPhones. As told by the outlet, Samsung expects an increase in global earnings by selling 23 million Galaxy S6 and 23 million Galaxy S6 Edge units this year.

Citing data from Strategy Analytics, Bloomberg reported that Samsung has shipped 83.2 million smartphones in the March quarter, while Apple, on the other hand, shipped 61.2 million iPhones.

Can the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge help Samsung boost Q2 sales? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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