Updated 06:30 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

Kevin Love Suffers Dislocated Shoulder! Kelly Olynyk 'Did It On Purpose', Says Cavs Forward

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Cleveland Cavaliers' victory versus the Boston Celtics on Sunday was marred by Kevin Love's injury who was taken out during Game 4 after he suffered a dislocated shoulder.

The Cavs bested their opponent in a 101-93 win against the Celtics but Love was in pain after he battled for a rebound against Kelly Olynyk.

USA Today said Olynyk grabbed Love's arm and pulled him away from the ball which caused the injury. The forward was immediately taken to the locker room where he received immediate medical attention.

Love was not able to return to the game and he blamed Olynyk for what happened.

"I thought it was a bush-league play. I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose. That's just not a basketball play. The league will take a look at it and it better be swift and just," Love told members of the media.

Sports Illustrated said the injured player will travel back to Cleveland with the team come Sunday to have additional examination, imaging and evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.

The Cavs would have to play without their forward for the next two weeks since this is the period estimated for his injury to heal, NBC Sports noted. The report added that the team will certainly feel Love's absence since he has "found a comfort level in the postseason, averaged 18.3 points and nine rebounds a game in the playoffs, and is shooting 47 percent from three."

This only means that Love has finally found his role in the team despite struggling to fit in during his first games. But with his injury, NBC Sports said that the two-week recovery period could just mean the minimum since it explained that a dislocated shoulder could take even a month to completely heal.

"Love being out could be an issue in the next round - especially when you factor in J.R. Smith is likely to miss at least a game and maybe more (he deserves multiple games) for his shot to Jae Crowder," NBC Sports wrote.

After dispatching the Celtics, the Cavs are off to the second round of the playoffs and they will face either the Chicago Bulls or the Milwaukee Bucks. NBC Sports said that the Bulls is the team expected to win against their opponent and they are ready to bring in starting players like Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic.

With this type of team as your opponent, Love can be very much useful especially with his size and ability. His recovery is still unclear so fans are hoping that it will not take long.

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