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'Castle' Season 6 Episode 11 Spoilers: Castle and Beckett Thrust Into Spotlight [Video]

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On the latest episode of "Castle," a baby brought up a major topic for betrothed couple Rick and Kate.

The case of the week involved a mortally wounded limo driver stumbling into a church and handing a baby boy to a priest before he dies. It turns out the victim, Cameron, a getaway driver, was involved in a lottery-rigging scheme. The victim and the lottery hostess, Miranda, were pressured into going along with it. If they refused, Miranda and her baby would die.

Cameron's boss is eventually found out, and is going to kill Miranda's husband until the 12th precinct cops show up.

Meanwhile, Rick (Nathan Fillion) takes a shine to the baby and names him "Cosmo," which would have been Alexis' (Molly C. Quinn) name had she been a boy. When it turns out that Child Services has no room during the Thanksgiving week, Rick volunteers to take care of the child.

He's pleased when Kate (Stana Katic), who says she's not a baby person, warms up to the infant. The little boy brings up the question if the couple will have children of their own.

"Castle" is now on its winter hiatus, and will not return until January 2014.

In 2014, fans can look forward to the return of 3XK (or his disciple), a Sen. Bracken and Beckett face-off and James Brolin's reprisal of his role as senior Mr. Castle.

Also, the rest of the season will include the eventual break-up of Alex and Pi and the wedding that everyone has been waiting for: the nuptials of Det. Kate Beckett and mystery writer Richard Castle.

One of the show's writers, Andrew Marlowe, said the upcoming episode will put Castle and Beckett in the spotlight, and will cause Beckett to reflect on what it means to be with someone high profile.

"We have some fun coming up in episode 11," Marlowe teased. "It puts Castle and Beckett in a world in which the spotlight is very bright. And we examine what it does to people. And I think it makes Beckett reflect on what it means to be with a guy who is in the public eye. So that's really fun."

Watch the promo for episode 11, which airs Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 on ABC.

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