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New Oscar de la Renta Bridal Line Unveiled by British Designer Peter Copping

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A new bridal collection from Oscar de la Renta fashion designer Peter Copping has been unveiled last Saturday at the clothing line's Bridal Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show.

Retaining the luxury label's classic elegance and feminine codes, Copping's bridal line featured "a few more modern-looking silhouettes, some new takes on fabric work, and some silvery sequins," Yahoo! News reported from The Associated Press. Some of the wedding dresses showcased in the fashion show display versatility; one white tiered ballgown in tulle with two removable bottom layers can form into a stylish minidress for when the bride wants to party after the wedding ceremony.

Copping debuted his collection for the fashion label in February's New York Fashion Week, with the bridal line coming in barely two months later. According to Yahoo! News, the British fashion designer hoped to work alongside de la Renta, but that dream was quashed when the famed fashion designer passed away from cancer last October, days after Copping was hired as the luxury label's artistic director.

Speaking about the bridal collection, Copping admitted that he incorporated some of the elements from the February fall line for the recently unveiled wedding gowns.

"I did take some of the elements from the fall collection and brought them through into this one," he said, as quoted by Yahoo! News. "Some of the ways we were working with fabrics for fall seemed really appropriate for bridal, so I thought it would be nice to use that as a stepping stone."

Check out some of the photos from Copping's bridal line below.

A lot of tulle can be seen in the bridal collection, but the fashion designer, who lived in Paris for 20 years, revealed that he hasn't used the fabric that much before. Copping, however, thinks that there are a lot of women "that do want that sort of princess gown," so it's vital "to cater to that clientele," he explained, as reported by Yahoo! News.

When asked whether he encountered certain constraints in the bridal collection, Copping said that a little less freedom in designing clothes doesn't harm anybody.

"I like to work within parameters sometimes. For example, not having to really worry about color! It was white or ivory, with little touches of silver. That's why we played around with the shoes, putting color there, and on some of the ribbons on the clothes," Copping shared, Yahoo! News noted.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Copping said that he paid close attention to the bridal gowns' back parts, because, according to the fashion designer, most of the dresses "are seen from behind."

Copping also expressed his approval for the growing trend with brides to have not one but two wedding gowns. According to his interview with Vogue, the style is "good for business," but he insists that there has to be a balance. He explained, "One has to feel a little bit understated, or be shorter, so it makes sense for you to have two."

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