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Why Rockstar's ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Could Arrive in E3 2015

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Word about the sequel to one of Rockstar's most-celebrated franchises, "Red Dead Redemption," has long been the subject of grapevine information. At this point, it's easily called "Red Dead Redemption 2," while there are also talks surrounding a "Red Dead Revolution" branding.

Rockstar Expects a Sequel

For a fact, Rockstar previously expressed delight after hearing great enthusiasm for the title. The gaming giant said, "It's wonderful to see so much excitement and enthusiasm for the 'Red Dead' series, and nearly 5 years after Red Dead Redemption's release(!)."

Convinced that sequels need not be rushed, the company went on, "As we've mentioned when asked in the past about new games in other series such as 'Red Dead Redemption,' 'Bully' and 'L.A. Noire,' we don't always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won't get to them eventually."

A "Proven" Franchise

More recently, Take-Two has shown a glimpse of hope to followers, confirming that new releases from its "proven franchises" will be coming. As one may expect, CEO Strauss Zelnick has included the "Red Dead Redemption" franchise in this list.

VG247.com took note of the Zelnick's remarks, who said, "We've launched one new successful franchise every year and I would like to keep doing that particularly because I talk about permanent franchises, but not everything is going to be a permanent franchise."

"I pretty much know the ones that I can assure you are permanent. It's obvious that 'GTA' is a permanent franchise as long as we keep delivering this incredible quality; it seems quite obvious that 'Red Dead' is a permanent franchise, again with the same caveat, or 'Borderlands,' for example, and 'NBA' and others," Zelnick revealed.

Time for Something New

Now that "GTA 5" has arrived for the PC and Heists are running in "GTA" Online, Metro is convinced that Rockstar got "nothing on their slate at the moment." According to the outlet, the company has already tipped the announcement of at least one new game soon, and its platform could be the highly-anticipated E3 in June.

As told by Metro, there are also rumors about a "Red Dead Rebellion" title.

Moviepilot has also thought of "Red Dead Redemption 2" joining "The Witcher 3" in a release sometime this year.

A Tipster Surfaces

Interestingly, a Reddit member who claims to be "a former Rockstar developer" has been cited by NewsTactics. The tipster, who goes by the moniker AnonDN1978, spilled that the upcoming game is titled "Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West."

The title, reportedly 3.5 years in development, is allegedly a prequel. It is said to showcase three playable characters: Irish, Seth and a new one.

The next RDR game is expected to be exclusive for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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