Updated 05:26 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini Out Next Month? $490 Device Could Pack Fingerprint Scanning Feature [Rumors]

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini is expected to be released soon, following the success of the Galaxy S6. So what can people expect from this upcoming mini version?

Android Pit said the Galaxy S6 mini is estimated to cost almost the same as the Galaxy S5 Mini which was pegged at around $490 when it was released.

Taking Samsung's tradition of releasing a mini series a couple of months after their respective flagships, Android Pit predicted that the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini could be announced in May then a release date is possible in June or July.

As for its specifications, Urisov reported that the features of the S6 mini will definitely be better the the S5 mini specs, though it also reminded prospects that there is still no official announcement from Samsung about this.

"Of course we are expecting to get an upgraded specs from the S5 mini. The octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a micro SD card will surely be expected to be available on the device. The S6 mini is also expected to run Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher," added Urisov.

Android Pit also wrote that the upcoming mini device resembles the S6 but it will be made of "more affordable materials."

"It's still feasible that Samsung will use a glass rear for the phone, but we're not so certain that it will be the durable Gorilla Glass 4 that's used on the Galaxy S6. Worst-case scenario is that the S6 Mini will have a plastic rear that attempts to recreate that lovely twinkling look of the glass-backed S6," Android Pit explained.

Users are also expecting that Samsung will make improvements on the camera: the HDR mode, face detection and touch focus. "Some manual shooting options would be a welcome addition, as would Optical Image Stabilization," wrote Android Pit, noting that this is not too much to ask from the little brother of one of Samsung's greatest phones.

As for display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is rumored to have a 5.1-inch display just like the S5 but its resolution is expected to be higher.

Aside from these basic wish list, Android Pit said people are also hoping to see features such as wireless charging, Turbo-charging, a fingerprint scanner and a heartbeat monitor just like the Samsung Galaxy S6.

However, it could be hard for Samsung to pack all these features in such a small phone but the hearbeat monitor is attainable. "The small size of the S6 Mini makes it a great fitness companion to take with you when training, and we'd like to see Samsung took advantage of this by angling the phone towards being a fitness assistant," Android Pit added.

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